Friday, 6 January 2012

Upper lid


I love make up! I love wearing it and I love finding new ways of wearing it. The hardest thing I have ever had to do. And the one thing I still haven't perfected is the art of false eyelashes! Even though wearing them on frequen occasions I still find they peel off during half the day... I mean why? It does just blow my mind in a way. But I'm pretty sure with practice comes perfection. Anyway, I remember when I had a huge love for Twiggy. She was a beautiful icon of the 60's her androgynous figure and fashion was put to good use. I wish I was as boyish as she was in her youth! Especially since I love the whole skin tight trousers and high neck tops. All I need is a pair of long deer like limbs and some slimmer features here and there and I'll have my ideal figure...But that's never going to happen unfortunately. But I can atleast try out some of the make up with the alterations of not drawing eyelashes on my lower lids. I don't want to look like a tit at work. But I'm one for the whole upper lid action!

And sadly tomorrow is my last day at Olive for the winter employment. I had a boomin' time over there and I will miss it thoroughly, being a customer there will be so strange. But I can't stay there forever sadly. However I have made some good friends and despite being the youngest out of them all they've all been real charming to me and it's been lovely.  I enjoyed the lunchbreaks aswell...


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