Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hawaiin tat


As a very un-enthusiastic fan of Topshop I do think that I sometimes find things in there that are reasonable.  I recently got a voucher or a giftcard for Topshop so I thought I know I'll have a look on the website I bet they have loads of cool things! Turns out the whole website (well pretty much) Is either tacky, hideous or too expensive for a piece of half stitched viscose. I honestly am wondering how are they getting away with their prices and the Primark like quality of their clothing. Sorry to sound like pessamist but I seriously am wondering why Topshop has turned into a shithole? I mean fair enough if they have some jeans to sell them for £30, or even sell a sequin covered dress for £45. But selling a pair of shorts lets say for £65-70 is plain ridiculous...  I just don't understand it.  I know I may get a comment saying that I'm being very rude, however this is my blog and my opinion. I don't want to support the high prices they ask for various items on their website or their shop. However a skirt for £20, or some raad lookin' hawaiin print high waisted skinny trousers for £38 yeah sure. These were pretty much the only things I liked on the whole website. And I am actually looking forward to trying them on, even though I'm dreading how they might look on my legs. The point of this sour post is that I'm just not understanding how they can churn out cheap tat like this, and expect a block of gold in return...


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  1. I find Topshop's always a bit hit and miss. The prices can be way too high and the quality not good at all. x


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