Monday, 25 June 2012

I'm Gone

Her hair was mousey brown and limp
Her eyes were pools of water with dapples of moss in them
Her body was long and curvaceous
Her face was small and petite with everything pointing forward
Her feet were lean and narrow
Her hands were bony with blue vines climbing up them

She wore Blue, Black and grey in the summer
She preferred to wear skirts rather than trousers
She liked the sun, and getting sun burnt
She wore perfume when she was sad
She ate chocolate after it had been melted by the heat
She played rounder's in the winter

Her cat was black with ginger paws and plump with contrasting eyes
Her favourite movie was Serendipity
Her most treasured item was a thin silver chain bracelet
Her house was small with an overgrown garden and a black picket fence
Her favourite music was blues and lounge
Her Sunday drink was Elderflower cordial and vodka mix

She drank tea in the mornings and coffee in the evenings
She ate Sandwiches with pickles and ham in them
She made scones when she was happy
She ate waffles when she was sad
She would drink alcohol whilst watching the sunrise on her roof
She is not real.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

I like you

I have finished my exams, finally. Two years of my life finito, and tomorrow is my sixth form induction day, so hooray on that one! It hasn't quite suken in yet that I have over two months off, but it's going to have to sooner or later. I can't wait, this summer has been planned to the max, well I suppose there are lazy days to spend with my boy and my chumps. But basically, I am happy. I have finally completed the first important stage in my life which is rad. Time to move on bitches and take the heat from other areas of wondering life! I liked this song. And I think it's agood song to have when your in a new relationship whether it be with you significant other or a new friend. It's important to remember your honeymoon phase with others and embrace it, 'cause those are the golden days that set in your mind throughout the relationship!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Playlist of my life

One more exam left.  This song is good for the weather right now, a good adventure song I believe so. Couldn't you imagine rummaging around forests, skidding down slopes with a tattered map, lost, trying to find out where to go with this playing in the background? If only life was like a movie, and you would get background music for everything. I think I would enjoy that, and when the soundtrack came out at the end of my life boy would it be poles apart all the way through! How about a list of music which is parallel with my life right now, I'm doing sixteen songs, because that's how old I am:

1. Françoise Hardy - Le Temps de L'Amour
2. Yann Tiersen - Comptine d'un autre ete
3. Dustin O'Halloran - Quintette N.1
4. Daughter - Love
5. Françoise Hardy - Oh oh cheri
6.  The Chairman's waltz
7. Gene Austin - Everything's made for love
8. Françoise Hardy - Sol
9. The Paper Kites - Featherstone
10. Polarsets - Tropics
11. Terry Davies & BBC Philharmonic Orchestra - Sebastian
12. Aphex Twin - Avril 14
13.  Brian Reitzell, Dave Palmer & Roger Neill - 1955
14. Françoise Hardy - Ce Petit Cœur
15. The Drums - How it Ended
16. Brian Reitzell, Dave Palmer & Roger Neill - Beginners (Theme Suite)

Feel free to buy this on Itunes.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

A funny little thing.

I remember that little girl. I loved that little girl. She was sweet, thoughtful and most of all she could sing the alphabet backwards in a time I can't even count. She was special, and most of all she was alone. Ever'day I would look out of my window and see her running around, her dark chocolate skin glowing in the light and her big wide smile which never seem to go, di'n’t even matter if rain or shine! I remember her runnin' around once in her garden, it was April, and it was raining. She had a bucket; it was pink and plastic with flowers all over it. You could tell it had been used so much 'cause the flowers was darn scratched out near the bottom of the bucket. She was wandering around in the garden, rain was getting caught in her corse black hair and ever'time she saw something on the floor, she would bend down and pick it up, it was sweet. As I watched her she did it more and more, well be darned I was intrigued by this little wonder! So as mad as a hatter I went out my house, and ran down my porch to see what she was doing. As always she was alone, and when I approached her she was shocked to see someone, she was in her own world. Completely oblivious to the one she lived in. So I bent down and asked her what she was doing in the rain. Well she simply replied, 'Ma damn frogs is gettin' away!' Well I looked straight into that little bucket, and they all were. Sixteen (from what I could count) slimy, green and lumpy frogs, all on top of one another, all croakin' out like a choir of school boys. I couldn't help but laugh, and when I did the little girl looked up at me with the largest, brightest, deepest brown eyes, and said, 'now what you laughin' at me for? I ain't done nothin' funny.' She'd God damn taken my breath away. So I be darned, I invited her round for some milk and cookies. She smiled and said only if her frogs could come in too. All I did was smile, take her hand and invite her round next-door. Oh, that day was magnificent we sat and we watched the rain, she told me all about her favourite games to play and I just sat there and grinned like a fool. When the rain cleared up she went on home, I waved goodbye and sent me a kiss.

There was also another day I remember. This time it was sunny, and boy was it hot. I was hanging out the washing. My husband had gone to work and in curiosity I looked over at the house where the little girl lived. She wasn't out for once, but her little pink bucket with the flowers on it was sittin' on the porch, and I heard various croaks coming from it. Suddenly she walked out of her door, head looking heavy, and her little yellow dress covered in tomato ketchup. She picked up her bucket and walked down the road, past my house, past the bus stop and round the corner. Well being the fool that I am, I followed her. I di'n’t know what else to do, I cared for that little sweetheart. Being a married woman with no children, I d'know I just wanted to protect her. So I followed her. After fifteen minutes I found she had taken her frogs and was chuckin' 'em in a river. Her face was sad, but for some reason she looked very mature. Not like a young girl at all, but instead a young woman. Being the numpty that I am I cleared my throat and said, 'Now what do you think you're doing?' Well her spark sure hadn't gone, ‘cause she damn shouted back up the bank, 'What does it look like? I'm thowin' 'em away.' With that I left her, I knew she was happy. The reason I remember that day so clearly, was it was the first day in five years that I had ever seen that little girl so dismal. It was God damn heart breakin'.

The last time I saw that beautiful face was of July three years ago, it was windy that day, and the sun came out in various intervals. I was sitting on my porch, knitting, when a little body fumbled up the steps. Because of the honey suckle I couldn't see who it was, but eventually I saw a little deep brown arm sturdy itself on the porch, and the head of the little girl poked out. She was holdin' a tin, and by the looks of it, it was an old coffee tin. She smiled, and I welcomed her onto the porch. I hadn't seen her much since the frog incident, only a few times when she spoke to me over the white picket fence. Well she sat next to me on a wicker chair and gave me the coffee box. I just laughed and said, 'No darlin' don't you worry, I got plenty'a coffee waiting for me inside.' She just gave me a look as if to say I was stupid or something, and pushed the tin further forward on the patio table. So I put down my knitting and opened the tin. Inside it was a few curled up pieces of paper tied up with pink ribbon, a couple of crayons, a matchbox and a toffee sweet. Well I was surprised as hell, that's what I was! She told me to open the 'scrolls' as she called them. So I did, wrappin' each ribbon round my wrist like a bracelet. One was a drawing of a frog with a hat on it, another was a drawing of me and her on a swing, and the last was a picture of the rain, going down on a huge yellow and green field with a tree in the middle of it. I then opened up the matchbox and inside was a little necklace, one I'd seen her make on the porch once when it was raining. It had pink and purple beads on it which soon met in the middle to a small pink plastic fish. She said it had a fish on it because she remembered I was looking for my 'fish' necklace that day and I was getting 'flappy' of some sort. I just smiled at her and said thank you. With that she said good bye, although I was determined to return her the favour, so I made her wait whilst I ran inside to find a present in return. I finally gave her a gold necklace that I had when I was a child, it was only cheap, and I bought it with the first job money I earned from mowin’ the lawn. The pendent was a little flower, like a daisy or a sunflower. I knew I was never goin' to wear it again, so I gave it to her in any clean handkerchief I could find. I told her not to open the parcel until she got in the car. With that she smiled and thanked me, with one last kiss'n'hug she ran off. I remember seein' their car speed off into the murky distance, and as I held tight onto my apron as I wished that little girl the best of luck.

Now, whenever I pray, I hold her necklace in my hands. Whenever I want coffee, I buy the brand on the tin she gave me. And whenever I see a frog in the rain, well I damn pick that fella up and dump 'im in the river fifteen minutes away. I hope, where ever she may be that she is wearin' that necklace. And I hope that my little girl grows up to be a funny little thing like her...

Thursday, 14 June 2012


I remember being shown this song two years ago by my sister, and still to this day I love it. Classic.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


I'm finding it hard to concerntrate today, revising is the absolute last activity I want to do today. I hate it. Instead I prefer to procrastinate with online, tv, baking... Yes terrible student sitting before you now. However I have been very inspired recently over flowers and lace. Preferably flowers in the hair, not flower garlands, just loose flowers. And lace triangle bras. All very feminine and timeless.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

101 Things I Like Right Now

101 things I like right now:

1. Drawing
2. Sunsets
3. Crunchy bread
4. Lentels
5. Milk Chocolate
6. Iced caramel coffee
7. Ali
8. Walking
9. My bed
10. Vinyl
11. Plants
12. The colour Orange
13. The colour white
14. Piano Music
15. Films
16. Eating Quiche
17. Eating spring onions
18. Charity shops
19. Patterns
20. The colour Red
21. Film cameras
22. Pillows
23. Ice Cream
24. The sun
25. T-shirts
26. Woven items
27. The sound my phone make when I get a text
28. My friends
29. The colour green
30. Wicker
31. Wood
32. Cool breeze
33. Alexa Chung
34. Collars
35. Magazines
36. Dead flowers
37. Bone structure
38. Butter
39. Cake
40. Bananas - even though I hated them three months ago
41. Lights
42. Trees
43. The smell of roasted onions
44. The sound of post being pushed through the letter box
45. My wardrobe
46. The cleanliness of my room
47. Comptine d'un autre été - L'après-midi 
48. Sleep
49. Cream soda
50. Love Hearts
51. Made in Chelsea
52. Dogs
53. Adjectives
54. Avril 14th
55. Crochet
56. Shirts
57. Perfume
58. Wearing a watch
59. Kissing
60. Bare walls
61. Photographs
62. Being self absorbed
63. Lipstick
64. Lips
65. Adveture Time
66. Toast with Marmite
67. Dreaming
68. Quintette N.1
69. Wearing no make up
70. Wearing glasses
71. Hair clips
72. Drama
73. Theatre
74. Writing stories
75. Violins
76. Japanese culture
77. Burgers
78. Salad
79. The taste of Strawberries
80. The smell of inscence
81. The reduction of exams
82. Grey hair
83. People
84. The feel of grass
85.  Colour
86. Cheerios
87. Toffee yoghurt
88. Peanuts (Snoopy)
89. Fruit Yo-yos
90. Reading
91. Dresses
92. Shorts
93. Finding things
94. The smell of fresh air
95.  Elderflower and Lime cider
96. Lemon yoghurt
97. New potatoes
98. Elderflower Cordial
99. Appletiser
100. Youtube
101. Hills

Thursday, 7 June 2012


I don't know if Ferral is a real name, but it's her name. I realised after drawing her for about an hour that she is out of proportion, and well it's a shame because the finished result was so nice, it's too bad she has faults. Oh well, illustrations don't have to be perfect I suppose. And Ferral most certainly is not perfect.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


I am very inspired by the chungster right now, so much so that I'm planning to get my hair cut like hers, short, messy and parted in the middle. I might aswell seeing as I'm already getting it cut on Friday, what better way than to take inspiration and use it to encourage one's own image? I'm just very attracted to the careless style that Chung churns out annually and I want to be able to give off an air of nonchalance when I parade around. Experimenting with make up and hair is what it takes. So as of Friday I will begin my quest to take the Chung-a-lung's style and adapt it to suit myself. Who knows I may even take her ombred hair and mix it up a little. It's going to be fun as I've been running quite dry recently on the fashion wheel thanks to exams and my lack in inspiration, however I'm now in awe and I can't wait to practice!


Saturday, 2 June 2012

Where did all that swanky weather get too?

Piece done by Amy Ross