Thursday, 5 January 2012

A New Form of Innocence


If you do read my blog, most of you will know that I have an infatuation with Audrey Hepburn, I mean most women find her utterly beautiful, who wouldn't!  Reading her Biography and learning all about her time with Paramount it has become clear that she changed the face of Hollywood by becoming something innocent and fun! Sexiness and selling herself with films was not an option. She was a purely talented woman and had fun with her roles on the big screen. She was a natural all through life. Even a single photo said so much about her. I have never felt so warmly towards and actress before.  That was until I saw this photo of Natilie Portman. Before the psychological tale of
Black Swan I had never heard of dear Miss. Portman. I didn't have much love for her acting at first but then she grew on me. This photo, her sheer beauty and purity just melted away any harsh feelings I had towards her. within this shot she has really captured the "Audrey" essence. A new form of innocence. Her glare. Her eyebrows. Her expression. They're all in the style of  dear Audrey, so en-dearing. Maybe one day she will bring something new to Hollywood. I'm un-certain. But for now, she's alright to me.


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