Sunday, 27 November 2011



How is everyone doin' this fine evening, I haven't updated in a while. On the brink of loosin' it, Drama research and studying is not fun, nor joyful or exasperatin'! Makes me wanna chunder sometimes. (naah it doesn't!) I would rather go to work to be honest! Prefer it much more than sittin' in a freezin' house all day, drinking cupious amounts of tea and trying to rack out every word I know down onto some paper! Even my English took a couple of hours, I mean seriously, people tell me. Does it get better than this?? Or will I have to edure this suffering for another five years or so?! I is gettin' tired of the people, the smell and atmosphere of this place, need to move somewhere else, dot about on the breeze of life!  Prehaps go to Bath or some other City for a couple of years. Either that or I really just need something/someone new to enter my life. If any'a you wanna meet me please raise a hand! Gettin' tired of having to laugh at the same old jokes from the same old people sometimes. Also I'm in a squeeze right now, money and work wise! Buying Christmas presents is fun but I have to wait until next week to get paid, and there are so many other things to buy! I know it's not Christmas until forever . But I like gettin' things in early so I don't have to worry about them later! Plus, I have money and ideas now so why wait? I love givin' gifts 'cause it gives me good excuses to go out shoppin'. Plus excited about buying film cameras. But again, need to wait until I get paid! I haven't received a comment in a while so do take the time to write a little story for me, I do like havin' things to read y'noooo! Ok, cool! I shall leave you now. Go back to doin' whatever it was you were doin' and I'll talk laterrr! I need to stop using my blog as a complaint place where I natter like an old crackerr!


Tuesday, 22 November 2011


How richeous, different colour eyes, such swagger in the eyes man! Hope I meet someone with Bowie eyes like him, just completely off the rictar scale of earth crackin' neat!


Saturday, 19 November 2011

The Dancing Nataraja

The German Market came to town today! And my friend and I decided to have a jolly time, parading our way through the mass of Russian Dolls, laterns and hand crafted biblical figures. We bought fudge and at one point were standing around listening to this band who sang the Prince of Belar theme tume at one point in some kind of folk/indie manner! Which was so entertaining, and being the nice people we are chucked 70p in the guitar casing they had casually strewned out with coppers and note in. I know seems a bit stingey 70p but I mean, it was my friends money and I felt greedy taking something over one-pound so I just got a couple of silvers! So after browsing around for a big, and after being sick with the amount of fudge we bought! We got round to buying some shizz from people. And because last year I never bought anything for myself I thought I'd have a splurge and bought this really interesting pendent (and my friend bought me a morroccan lantern aswell for my Christmas present, she rathers to buy me things that I litrally point at and tell her!) it only cost me four-pounds included a leather thong to wear it on (and no, before you assume!) The woman who sold us this stuff was really interesting and said to me that he was a Dancing Nataraja who was some kind of God in the hindu stories, and she said it was interesting how I picked him out and how he will be good to have with me. I just wanted it because it had a loop where I could attatch a chain and he was the only one I could find in the box that was full of these little things! Anyway I bought him, and researched into it, and I love him so much, I really like having him around on my neck havin' a little shimmy with me and for four-punds, totally worth it for centimental reasons!

Dancing Nataraja: "lord of dance".  A dipiction of the hindu God Shiva whom as the cosmic dancer Koothan who performs his divine dance to destroy a weary universe and make preparations for god Brahma to start the process of creation. There are many significances within Shiva. First, it is seen as the image of his rhythmic play which is the source of all movement within the universe. This is represented by the circular or elliptical frame surrounding the Lord. Secondly, the purpose of his dance is to release the souls of all men from the snare of illusion.

So I found this all very interesting, and hopefully if I remember this shizzle about this little dude, it'll make a great conversation piece at the dinner table! Have a great rest of the weekend everyone and I shall talk soon!


Thursday, 17 November 2011

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Thank god, just did three exams and now one more to go, I know that two of them weren't real they were just mocks, but I got the same vibe as if they were real or summin!Now only one more left and it's the best one, it's ART, fuck yes! Totally and utterly excited, I do love that subject, and I know tomorrow I'll come back and be like nooo it was horrible and all that kinda shit, but for now I'm excited!

Also because I wrote down my Christmas list and it proved to me on how simple I like things, I mean the main asking is for multiple types of polaroid film and a Breton top! How great is that for my parents. Hopefully between now and December I wont write too much more down so it'll be a bit cheaper for my parents and they wont have to worry about buying all that shizz for me! And I'm excited as I already have a few ideas on what to get my friends anyway, I can't tell, just incase though, I mean they might read this without me knowing! How terrible! Anyway, the German market are opening up again this year in the prominade and I am soo psyched for it all, it's gonna be rad, and it's so perfect for gifts! There's also more exciting news, but I'd rather get pictures of it all, THEN show you! And I'm trying to buy film more often, just so I can fill a section of my room with pictures and also disposable cameras give off such a fun and happy effect when you see them, it also makes you appreciate the picture more. I mean come on people we use technology too much now'adays! A phone that tells you what your day is looking like, that is madness! And you all know it. The future is moving too fast we need to live in a normal technology age, such as 2010, when the Ipod was top qual! 'Cause like I said before, we don't appreciate life enough now'adays, we need to start being more loving towards things. And my mama told me something incredibley smart the other day, she said that when we get money as presents for Christmas' or birthdays, instead of buying materialistic things we should spend it on experiences! Such as saving for a concert, or buying a travel ticket up to London for the day. Or putting it in a little savings envelope to buy something really interesting such as a book or.... I dunno, a rare item of clothing. Now I know that the last one was materialistic, but it's good. I saved up for three months to buy a fur jacket that cost me £70! But it was worth it, 'cause I smile whenever I wear it and my friends all love the feel of it, so yes, experience! Plus I can give really warm bear hugs to my friends which is nice!

Ramble OVER!



Saturday, 12 November 2011

Midnight party

Such a nice one for the night, and shake it up, so much sooul and such a sweet tattoo on Flo's finger!


Friday, 11 November 2011

My Apartamento


I am an avid magazine reader, from my work experience in Olive I began to fall in love with all the different variations they had. And because of my strong liking to them over the course of the week, as a present and thank you for coming they let me have one that I was most interested in, Apartamento. Until Olive I never really was a massive magazine reader apart from all the crappy girly mags you could buy, and one off Vogues, but from my experience I gained a new love for this cult literature, and fell in love with the different variations that you could get with magazines. It amazed me that such magazines could be dedicated to such simple things like different peoples apartments. From it, it has allowed me to see my interest in interior decorating and how my apartment or house will look in the future (believe me alot of dust is involed in this plan!). Apartamento is the one magazine that I have read thoroughly back to front, and it's wonderful as its articles never bor me, I can read them over and over again, as they are just so interesting!  There are three people that amazed me out of them all though, Masha Orlow (pictures), Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesnieni and my favourite of all Zoe Bedeaux. Such inspiration got me from their different angles on life, and their habbit of collecting things they don't need! It reminds me of how I am sometimes in car boot sales (seriously I'm in a current ingagement of buying new shelves as I have simply bought too much recently!).

I love these people so much, their quirky little interests and how they live their life! Eskolin-Nurmesnieni, even though she was studying to become a ceramicist suddenly went into fashion because she kept visiting her textiles department in college. Things like that remind me of where I want to go in my life. I know I don't want to become something huge, or even big, just known. Known enough so that I can become an article in this magazinnee for the future. That's a big goal for me, it's highly doubtable but not all dreams come easily do they? And my life, yes I wont mind looking around England a bit more, but I'm a very homely girl, I'm happy to live in Cheltenham, or Bath, somewhere with a view and garden is all I'm looking for, and I'm sure (when I get one) my boyfriend with have the same idea of living as me so we can move in together and fill our house with old literature books, varied cushions, and a chaise-long by the massive window facing west, so that when the sun leaks into the room it creates a beautiful atmosphere, and when reading books the pages are tinged orange! Ahh look at this babbling over a magazine. But seriously this is how much I love this magazine, I can't even express it, it's my future in a cover, I just know that these people in here are really unique and individual, and that's how I hope to branch off to for when I'm older, someone people find interesting at dinner partys and who makes them wonder what my house is like and home life! I want to become someone one off, and my children to aspire to for their future!

For all those who died for us
Remember them


Thursday, 10 November 2011



The state of my room and desk over the course of three weeks now, yep, mock exams are making my room hard to menuver in! And I only have a small room, so all that crap is taking up about a 1/3 of the walking space in my room! And my desk, well, I haven't been able to put the actual leaning bit up for about two weeks now, aha! (I have a bureau so the actual desk opens and closes)

I did take some photos on my camera, but when I was about to upload them it turns out that my computer wanted to upload all 2000 photos from my camera onto my lappy, so I thought, I'll just use my webcam, so bad quality, but who cares riight! Sort of seeing what the mocks are like is kind of making me dredin the real things, so, hey, if I'm not here for a few weeks in the summer, apart from the occasional mourning post, just bare with me!

Only about 5 more days now, until I can relax a wee bit mooore


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A-R-T - Nikki Farquharson

Woohoo, art mock sketchbook almost done, only about 1/4 to do now! But having all the artist studies out the way is a slice of nice it is. RAADDD, not long now! Just had my history mock, went good, I finished it.  So in my books that's classified as a good thing, plus doing flash revision really helped, but I wouldn't recommend it for the actual things! Anyway, you likey, inspired by Nikki Farquharson as a niche study! It came out waaaay better than I was thinking it would be. looks so psychedelic and has that hint of retrospective to it. I think its the afro and waves, niiiiice.

Just a little hinter at my life right now, but I just have to finish my art for the day and then do some textiles revision 'cause the list the teacher set us is litrally overflowing, and I feel if I don't get a B in the mock my teacher may loose all hope with me, I dunno, just a feeling, so back to the flash cards tonight!


Sunday, 6 November 2011

A-R-T - Patrick Caulfield

After studying Patrick Caulfield for about three hours or so, I decided to make myself purple in honour of his work, and because well I needed to do SOME kind of study for my artist research, it may not look like much, but colouring on paint froma photograph can be a tedious, long, трудный challenge!

Stop the fireworks now, the holiday is over I don't need to hear it for a third night in a row!!


Have a break have a kitkat

Woo-hoo mocks starts tomorrow for the next ten days, trying not to panic as I've done all I can to prepare myself, thus I try not to go ape-shit! Having a little break from Russian revision, the reading papers are очень-очень трудно! And if you know what that means without using translate then you are очень-очень умный! Going to pop some soup on and make myself a hot mug'a tea and settle don to do some art for a couple of hours, then some history, then back to Russian! I know, heavy day, but hey, what can ya dooo eh? Maybe I shall treat myself to some new doccs that my eye has been lingering over for a while! We shall see!

Emily Davison, bless you for doing that for us women!


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Kenichi Yokono

Keepin' it fresh an original Yokono's artwork is made through the traditional Japanese woodblock method, giving it a lushtrous comic book effect, this theme continueing throughout many of his pieces!  His work is based around aspects of Japanese pop culture merged all in one, shiz like managa, horror and movies.  With this as inspiration he is able to create these terribly creepy images of peril and cruelty which are covered by sugary, innocent cartoon characters (obviously not ALL lookin' innocent!) with this he is able to retain a sense of irony within his artwork! Prints of Yokono's work are hard to come by at times even though his woodblocks are still in function.  In alot of his pieces innocent women are seen preyed on by panda's, eerie woodland or strange men in business suits. Not only are all these pieces amazingly detailed and uniquely made, but he prints it all on hefty chunks of wood! Incredible right?! Mock art can be so fun!


Piece done by Amy Ross