Friday, 20 January 2012

The shoes are on the table


Another end of the week, time is flying by for me recently, and it's frightening me that sooner or later my compulsery education will be over. And I will have the choice to either take on a job or persue another 2-5 years in education.  It's a strange thought to think that this is all preparing me for adulthood. It makes me go into a daze sometimes.
So in recent tales I went to my schools open evening and it was very 'inspiring', and I will be applying there very much so.  It seems like the decisions I am making in courses are very hefty ones. However I think I may be able to cope with the pressure of it all.... Maybe. I'm just going to leave you with this song now.

(I also hope someone knows what the title is about)


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  1. beautiful song, I love laura marling!

    and yeah.. deciding on what to do after school is pretty difficult! I have a year left until I graduate and I would love to study arts but I can't think of anything to do after that! I really don't want to be an arts teacher...I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be a good teacher.
    whatever, lets just wait and see what the future will bring! xx


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