Saturday, 31 December 2011


Happy New year's eve everyone, I hope it is prosporous and full of interesting events! I've been watching alot of anime's that include new's events in them, and they all seem to write out one dream on a piece of paper and let it go in the wind or buy a fortune from a shrine, even light candles in rememberence.  So since I have a little bit of a Chinese background I thought I'd do the same. And remember the good and the bad things from this year. And be all deep and shit! But this year has been a pretty boring one to be honest, however I know that with something boring comes something exciting! So all that preperation will hopefully pay off next year!  Thank you my little crowd I do appreciate you stickin' with it! And I'm not promising anything for the year coming up really. All I will say is, I'll post more I guess, nothing special, but hey! I'm no good with outfit posts and photography and all that shit, so I guess my blog will just remain a diary really, but who said that was boring.....?

Anyway lets all celebrate with some alcohol and fieworks like every year! It'll be good!

I'll try and think of some stickable new year's resolutions, and you can comment me yours, hey we've gotta have something to aspire to!

Oh and Happy Birthday to my sister!


Sunday, 25 December 2011

Hamburger socks

Hey y'all, just thought I'd update you on the goodies I recieved this year, and yes there were quite a many! I loved this year, I wasn't overly spoilt and I was able to afford buying some yummy things for my family which was a nice thing for a change!  Anyway Lemme show you some of my crimbo yummies:

Soap and Glory scrub, cream, and exfoliator

Chocolate selection, jelly beans, lindtt bear (Yay!), herbal tea set

The lateral thinking game pack, I mean it's harder than it looks, here I'll give you a taster:
Q: There is a flash of light. A man dies.

(For answer you have to scroll to the end of this post, but read it first and try and figure it out for yourself, this was the only one I got right!)

'The Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton, by Noel Fielding'
Ugh, genius, he is a genius! It's mad, but boy is it brilliant!

'Christmas with NAT KING COLE' vinyl and 'David Bowie' Vinyl
from my sister, darn she's a babe!

Funky Hamburger socks from my sister

Fingertache transfers, from the sibling lady! (Sister)

Movie studio HD, I've needed some good movie editing software for a while, and so I asked for this, I hope it's good, looking complicated on the mannual but good!

The Monster Book of More Manga, I'm always needing new things to draw and so... Ta da!

Twin hardback magazine, from my sister.
It's about A3 size, hardback and beautiful. It's all about fashion and photography and what not, and my sister knows how much of a mag-finatic I am so perfect!

Polaroid 1000, from my sister. What can I say, just beautiful!

Miss Dior Cherie, L'eau (100ml). Has been my scent for over a year now. Might become my 'teenager scent' I love it so much.

5 packs of polaroid 300 film. Well 6, but I used up one today taking little snaps of everyone! I was so estatic when I un-wrapped all of them two at a time.

'The disappearence of Haruhi Suzamiya', 'Eden of the East, Paradise Lost', and 'Death Note' The movie. Ogh I absolutely love anime, and the next best thing to it? Anime adaption. I'm going to be enjoying these very much so!

I also got some money from my God mother and relatives. Which is good because I've been eyeing up this coat at work, so that's MINE! And now I have MORE vinyl, I'm gonna need to save upp for a record player.  The rest I'm jsut saving up for 'experiences' and future things. Here are some sexy snaps of the Naen's at christmas, yeehee.

Aahh, yeah. Twas eventful! I enjoyed it all. And Mama and I had a loooovely walk too. Which is good. Because everyone needs some exercise to get rid of excess shizzz. But I am so full! STILL, and I've had no supper. So congrats dad. You did it! I'm finally full!
So how were your christmas'? Did you get what you want? Also, did you get the answer right?? Lost of Love baiye!

A: The man is struck by lightning


Happy day day

Happy Jesus day everyone and to all good men (it goes something like that right??) Keep it real, and I hope you all have the festive spirits in'ya. Gonna be drinking losta cider, eating loads of crackers and the bin will be full of paper, but it's gonna be grrreat! Likkin' the jumper by the way? Baby I know, it's sexy!


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

La la la la



So I was just mopin' about at home today, just wrapping the last of the presents and generally just bein' a lazy shiiit, watched a bit of Black swan, dad came in, lesbian orgasm, so I turned it off. Then spent the rest of the evening reading this story I had written. It was good at first, then as soon as I introduced other charatcers I seemed to spiral off into this path of deer legged girls and sparce apartments... yeah not amazing. I even mentioned a tabby cat at one point. Um Breakfast at Tiffany's moment muuuch? I think so... But the main character is very beautiful, I think so anyway...

Since I've got a new calender I've been cutting up the other one, since it was the Audrey Hepburn pictures I thought I might aswell give it a second usage, after I've cut them up I'll put them up in my room so people can admire her beauty better! The new calender I have is so beautiful. It's a Japanese drawing and haiku one. The pictures are so beautiful they just make me in awe of them so much, and I cannot wait to put it up. Since I was feeling quite in touch with my roots, being a slither of chinese and all, I've been listening to the classical music from studio Ghibli music. It makes me sigh, I love it so much. Especially work by Joe Hisauishi, just amazing... Here's a little taster of the music he did for Spirited Away it's incredible! So tempted to get some more classical music uploaded onto the pod. 

Ahh yeah, the sweet notes of the grand Piano... sweeeeeet.


Saturday, 17 December 2011

The time has come...

(Week 'til) Merry Crimbo!

Having a wonderful pre christmas day! Puttin' up the tree, wrapping presents and making cakes for work tomorrow! These are my christmas card designs for my friends! I know kinda cruuuude! They are not original ideas I was inspired! So don't get mad whoever came up with them first! I'm not taking cred for the ideas, just the drawings!

Since I woke up with a very very very baaad throat I've been drinking honey and warm milk all day, which surprisingly tastes like golden nugget cereal! Don't believe me? Mix a teaspoon of pure honey with a cup of warm milk and have a try, it is delicious though!

Ohwell, better go and start a wrappin' some presents! talk soon, and who else is a little bit jittery for crimbo?! I know I am!


Monday, 12 December 2011


Having fun with these disposable cameras! Here are someI developed a few hours ago and they look so funny! I should have guessed that my friends would be un-able to be normal when having these photos... Oh well adds to the endearment of them all. The charm of these little beauties is so sweet. I need to find some wall space for them as I am forever running out, oh well, where there's a will there's a way, I think.
I'm also happy that my art is coming along smoothly, got the paints for everything and bought some wicker for the structure. You may be confused now, but just wait in a few weeks time, photos and a video of the final piece all coming along. What music do you think I should use? My sculpture is all about atmosphere and being involved in the art, so maybe hit me with a coupl'a tracks, I'm here all week!


This one is my favourite...


Sunday, 11 December 2011

Working in the Christmas spirit


As the cool breeze settles in, it takes me back to last years christmas. I felt exactly the same. And even though a year may seem a long while ago for some, for me, it feels like only a month or so ago that I felt this way. Yes time does fly, and I think that when I'm older, not with wrinkles, but with a few dead pigmented hairs that I will look back on my life, and every year at this exact time will think the same things that I've always thought. How am I going to buy everyone's presents in time and how the fuck do I assemble this tree!

Spending my December working in Olive has been a blast, I've become comfortable with my surroundings and I have learnt how to work a till! Even though it is my first shop job and I only started a couple of weeks ago, I feel as though I have been there for years! All the people working there are more than friendly, and everyone who comes into the shop has the same twinkle in their eyes, ready to buy something for their daughters, aunts, mothers, grand children. I think Christmas is the best time to be in this shop and I always feel blue the day after it, knowing that feeling will vanish, but then again I always know it'll come back to me next year and I can become light hearted and carefree once more!

Whilst working in Olive we always have ponders on how to make the shop more unique and intersting, this involves changing the shop display,or hanging Mr. Natty on the Christmas tree. Now as I am most certainly not model material (I have the wrong body shape...) then my enthusiasm goes off in different directions! This time it went off into boots to buy diposable cameras. Now the beautiful thing about disposable cameras is the results are exciting and you never know what to expect! I for one love to spontinuity of it all. And obviously so did the others. So one evening when the shop was closed we ran around snapping at everything and creating photos that were messy and imperfect! Although messy, were also very beautiful and I could've never asked for any better results!

So come on down to Olive, Cheltenham. It is a beautiful shop and I garentee you'll find something marvelous that'll tingle your taste buds!


Thursday, 8 December 2011


I'm in a really creative mood lately and seeing image over the net and what have you I feel in the dire need to start myself a wee project (not litrally). But something small and entertaining for the holidays aside from work and coursework. After looking around at something to make, suddenly I got the idea to make myself a bag, perhaps out of fabrics I already own with some essential components added on, to give it a flare such as tassels and big beads. Something bigg than handbag size that I can carry around for when I know I'm doing heavy shopping or carrying alot of things that day, and I already have a bag that I can use so hopefully (fingers crossed) I can do that! I know I can't suddenly whip on up, but I certainly have enough to get chuggin' along! And it'll be so exciting getting everything gathered together. What do you think? Anything in particular you think I could add on to make it amazing?


I have alot of love for this song, I don't knwo why...


Saturday, 3 December 2011

Happy Birth'o'day

Happy Birthday Pandora's Box, it's been one year (and a day) that you've been around!
And to celebrate another new year with my baby I'm just going to splash out a loada music and photos for everyone, a MEGA post we can call it! So here we goo...

Just a little mixture of all the shizz I admire in my life, ofcourse there is faaar more stuff, but for now, this is all I can think of! So Happy Birthday Panda! I love you and will keep you well used, hopefully I can say Happy Birthday next year too and make an amazing video or some other amazing ordeal for you all! Keep followin', keep readin'!

P.S Yeah this post wasn't really meant to make any sense or have an structure... Much like Panda here!


Piece done by Amy Ross