Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Marrissa flashback

A sneeky little look at my Natural forms art sculpture.  I thought since I have the film I should change the variation in my sketch book and take some polaroid photos of the different elements. I also made a video, but I don't know whether to post it on or not 'cause I haven't even shown my teacher. I'm really proud of it though, 'cause it was my first time on the video editing software. It looks good though. And I chose the right song I think! It was a song from the film HANNA, it's called Marrissa flashback by The Chemical Brothers. It really worked with the whole thing. Not too melancholy, but still had good beats and everything! I even made it look all crackly and the shodowing in some parts looks really interesting. I'll shown you a still from the video! I just have to now!

Check it!


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