Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Mama made a heart today with Priscilla Jones. Was a magical experience and I learnt a lot, now my Textiles is going to be humongously Groove, who's excite? 

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Curator of All Things Personal

A little bit of a compilation of all the tings which have happened to me this week. Aside from having post party giddiness (which I have a disposable to get developed from, ooh tres excite) I had a few things which I acquired around this time and they are so beautiful you all must be immersed in their presence. Firstly I went to a friend's party last week, which was also incredibly fun, and for his Eighteenth I was torn between buying him a pipe or giving him something personal of mine. I ended up giving him a cine camera from my collection as a sort of 'good luck for the future' emblem. However in the process I ended up falling for one of the most enchanting pipes which I have ever seen. If you don't already know I am a huge lover of all tings which have some kind of unusual quality and intriguing appearance, so this pipe just literally hit the spot gurl:

Not only is the neck so elegant and curves with grace, the plump rounded body gives it a kind of weight. I can't explain it but both parts compliment each other so well.

The body is decorated with this beautiful design, I'm not sure what of though, perhaps small flakes of 'mother of pearl' or some other kind of material.

The neck is also decorated with these understated floral trains, which seem to be scorched or scraped in. 

For me the best feature which really sold me the whole piece, was the metal cap which was embossed with another floral design.

I think the whole smooth motion of opening the cap and the completely defined appearance just really made me want to cry from the beauty! Despite the fact it is ornately designed all the way through it's able to get away with being so damn flashy as the person who made the pipe did it with such precision. 

In a turn of events I also inherited this little praying 'ivory' Geisha figurine which I can't get over and who proudly kneels on my already cluttered sewing machine. She is charming though isn't she! 

Finally a photo of my friend Lydia who looked so beautiful I just had to capture it. Although she may feel uncomfortable wearing a bow in her hair, I think she looks so classic.
Anyway, my chest is feeling all funky and my stomach is demanding some scran. So I'ma leave cho. 


Sunday, 15 September 2013


Today my friend Lydia and I had an intense art day and spent nine hours being ridiculous art students. During a third of this time she dressed my up in many of my scarves and photographed me. I absolutely adored my reflection and wish I could have the confidence to walk around in the huge headdress she created for me. I felt like an Empress, similar to the one on the cover of Empress Orchid. She got some really nice shots and I wanted to show you some of my favourites. Maybe I should tell you first that her concept was the use of objects and make up to portray someone's identity, and as we progressed my 'identity' got more and more outrageous but I loved it, so much so that I'm planning on doing a toned down version of the hairstyle for school tomorrow. It may seem a lot, but this wasn't even a quarter of the photos...

Of course I saved the best ones for last...

 All photos belong to Lydia Hazlewood

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Astrologist Pants

How groovy are these culottes which I bought last weekend in Beyond Retro? I just had to share these beauties with yo as I just find them so funky. Not only are they super comfy and high-waisted they have this gorgeous suns and stars print all over them (which is one of the main reasons I picked them up in the first place). My bad for my lack of professionalism in this shot. I was just so ecstatic to show you that I ignored the lovely array of  things on the floor and the whole lighting situation. This is how you can tell that I am a class A blogger! 
Anyway, coursework calls and many other 'errands' which I need to get sorted today. I hope you enjoy the lovely September sun which seems to be making an appearance today despite the previous days of teeth gritting wind and sporadic bouts of rain. Also, I have been really digging the sounds of Little Dragon lately, and Fleetwood Mac, Although I find Fleetwood Mac sounds so much better when it's quieter and the tiny voice of Stevie Nicks is just floating around you like a little cloud.

Oh and this remix is pretty 'sick'...

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Simplicity of Life

It's incredible how something small and calming can help change your mood so much. Since being back at school I have had post-summer blues, which entails being a little snappy and moody with everything. Especially today where I already felt the stress of work, just because small things were going wrong and certain thoughts were dominating my mind. When I came home I still had this blockage, it felt a little like a metaphorical tumor. However when my mum came bursting through the door proclaiming she needed a drink after a stressful day and we, as a family, sat around the table and ate all the food my brain began to destress and suddenly I stopped feeling negative about certain things. It also helped that I decided to do the school work I wanted to do, and not force myself to do the work I felt obliged to do. It has been a good evening of painting, listening to beautiful music and realising life only becomes stressful when you make it so. I have my friend Ruth to thank as without her blase yet passionate attitude on life I would probably have worked myself into a tizzy over the most ridiculous things. 

Songs like this one will always be in my list of top tunes, I for some reason never get sick of it and always listen to it when I'm in certain moods. 

Sunday, 1 September 2013

It Shall Always Be Seen

Who said blue and green should never be seen? For me this is a heavenly combination, and having these white stripes create a little more detail in the outfit and velvet shorts giving it an interesting texture I know fo'sho I shall be wearing this outfit right into the Autumn... Maybe even Winter considering they are both quite heavy fabrics. I understand perhaps pairing a sky blue with these olive green shorts would look a little too similar and therefore a bit of an eyesore, but for me I really am fond of this pairing. 

I've started reading Hokusai - Prints and Drawings in preparation for my art course this upcoming year. I haven't changed my mind about the topics I did for my Art and Textiles this past year, however a few weeks ago I realised if I didn't change my mind now I might really regret it in the future. I will probably share with you some pieces I do throughout this course. 

Piece done by Amy Ross