Thursday, 30 December 2010

Naughty naughty

I don't usually post twice in one day but I've just been to town and have actually been rather naughty, as obviously when you have christmas money you instantly think *SHOPPING* (well I do anyway). I'm not the biggest fan of topshop but I do find some amazing things in there on the odd occasion.

A few months back I found the most wonderful pair of loafers I had ever layed my eyes on, and naturally they some how ended up on my foot being admired infront of the full length mirrors in the shoe section of the shop, but the one thing that put me off the wonderful little gems was the outrageous price of £55, which I would never have in my wallet on a casual shopping day, so I said my goodbyes and parted with them, tinged with sadness.

Ofcourse I went out today to town because I simply haven't been in ages (3 days)! Thought I would browse in topshop just briefly as there was a '50% off ' sign in the windows, I went upstairs and there gloriously infront of me was a black pair of kama penny loafers shining in the dim artificial light, the £25 tag slapped on them. I litrally gasped which was kind of sad and sprinted over to see them, beckoned an assistant to kindly get the other shoe for me. They fit like a dream, they looked like a dream, I was in a dream (a happy dream don't worry this story ends nicely!), and like that I was handing over some crisp notes to the till lady absolutely enthralled with my purchase.
Black KAMA Penny Loafers 

Now I'm one of those people who hates others having the same clothing as them, I have to be individual it's like a curse hanging above me, but I don't care because I have my loafers and I love them and I'm sure they love me and will be looking forward to being worn around in the spring, summer, autumn and winter! Be safe with your christmas money and don't go insane like I did.

Ohh christmas chaos

Now that christmas is over every single shop in England is having its 'over 50% off ' sale on all winter merchandise! It is absolute chaos, it makes me dizzy sometimes, I do rather get annoyed by sales sometimes because if I find a gorgeous little jewel amoung the crap I begin to panic and worry if it's going to be there the next day or if I should by it that instant, so I end up buying it and then I never wear it after a couple of times and it rots at the bottom of my wardrobe, which is sad as no piece of clothing deserves to be treated like that.

I really need to get some of my artwork done, but it's the build up of actually doing it that I dislike, but if I don't get it done soon it'll start to niggle at me like a loose tooth, so I may aswell rip it out now and put it under my pillow for a satisfying result in the end, eh?

Also I just wanted to post a couple of pictures taken by a girl called Becks, she has a raw talent for photography and I love how straight forward her photos are, she has a little blog aswell and its really lovely so if you have time in your busy schedule of diving into piles of crap at the shops you should check it out.
-Beck's flickr

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

I'm lacking alot of inspiration for my darling blog, alot has happened
but nothings happened to write up on here, oh no, this was
supposed to happen a few months down the line.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Merry christmas to all holy f*cking men

Helloo my babys, how was your christmas, I must say this year was one of the lovelyest christmas gatherings I've ever had with my family I do love them all, mostly because I loved spending time with everyone and hearing all the odd stories they have to tell me. I was absolutely spoiled aswell, I was granted with the gift of a lovely sewing machine to help me with my GCSE coursework and for fun too, I also got alot of other beautiful presents however I could only be bothered to take a photo of a few of them (above)

A new year brings new possibilities.

Friday, 24 December 2010

In the car

Sorry! I haven't written a good blog in ages, but I'm in the car waiting for mum to hurry up and pack! We're on our way to Grannies for christmas hols yay, love you alll got to go baaiye xoxo

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Monday, 20 December 2010

4 inches of photography

I love _Acido photography, it's so unique, and she isn't afraid to use props within it, which i find really inspirational!

It's also really exciting because its been snowing all day and still is, the whole village looks like a massive white marshmellow, however it's really chilly but the heating's keeping me warm. Only five days until christmas everyone, aaah! Sorry it's been a photo post but what I intended to write today sort of changed, but don't worry I'll post it up tomorrow hopefully. Sweet dreams England.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Worse for wear

Hello everyone, I hope the snow hasn't cut your fingers off and divoured your plans for the rest of the ho-ho-holiday (I can't believe I just said that) It was really chilly today! and there's about 6inches of snow outside my doorstep, I'm not worried though because I know I'll probably be able to make it to Grans for christmas, it's just so chilly. When I was in town though I saw a homeless man sitting on the floor, shivering and I felt really upset, but a  woman went to talk to him and I felt a little better, Just makes me remember all the other people who don't have a home this year, *saaad*. Drive safely and enjoy your ho-ho-holidays (I thought I'd just say it again)

Friday, 17 December 2010

sneezing and baking

Why hello everyone, I thought I'd make a short little post because I finished school early today and I thought about baking some cakey's in a bit! I've been sneezing all day and all bunggled up, I really hate it, but it's nice and warm in my house and the christmas tree lights look really adorable so I guess I'm in an alright mood. Not alot of snow has cursed us to have a massive grid lock but I'm sure something will happen soon.

So yesterday I spent a long time completely re-designing my blog, I hope you all like it, because I'm starting to become really attached to it! I love the little balloon picture at the top, I think it's really cute, it was by a photographer I found on flickr, she is amazing, I love her pictures I shall leave a little link here > _acido.
And I was happy also because one of my friends gave me a really nice little gift for christmas which at first I was thinking hmm, but then I realised how much I needed it for ages, it was a new case of 35mm film for my old Zenit, which is fantastic because I can now take some photo's of my friends and the outside winter bearings!

Also sad news, my favourite drama teacher Mr.Jones (Jay) is leaving the school for 8 weeks to go and study in another school, he will be fondly missed by all of us until he returns! That's all, I hope everyone is feeling good and soon my cold will be nothing but a distant memory, keep your luck under the misteltoe this holiday *wink*

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Tissue boxes and Breakfast at Tiffinie's

Hello again, I feel absolutely dreadful, I think I am coming down with maybe a flu or just a cold, but with luck like mine I had to have it straight after the cold I got rid of last week, which Is bull *sad sad*. When I went to town on, saturday I think, I discorvered a really lovely book in waterstones called 'Audrey 100' Which has 100 iconic pictures of Audrey Hepburn, as I was flicking through it I thought about how elegant she is and naturally beautiful. I've written the book on my christmas list, so hopefully (fingers crossed) I will un-wrap a large present to find it, if not I can always wait until my birthday!

And strangely enough today I was flicking through the channels on sky and came across the movie breakfast at tiffinies just ending, It was really nice to relax and watch it for 10minutes, Audrey was fantastic in it!  Anyway I was thinking about re-designing my blog to make it a bit more personal but I'm not sure, because my PC's running out of power.  Hope everyone is staying warm and safe and hope to be updating soon with a fresh style. Lots of Love to you all out there with the horrible virus spreading around!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The good old fahsioned Introduction

I thought for my post today I'd tell you a bit more about myself, and myself's life.  I've grown up and lived in cheltenham all my life, I'm a bit of a mixture race wise, (1/4 malaysian, 1/4 chinese, 1/2 english) although I love having multiple relations I do wish I was fully British or Irish, I alwayss envy Irish girls with that gorgeous pure winter white skin, a cute accent, and naturally thicker curly hair. Cheltenham is where I want to stay for the rest of my life, however I do want to make plans to travel around France, maybe go to New Zealand see what the fuss is about from my sister *wink*. I love love love a good cup of Earl Grey tea with semi skimmed milk and two sugars in my special blue and white spotty mug, classic drink for all year round expecially when you have bourbon biscuits to dip inside!

I don't really have a particular style in clothes, I usually rummage around in charity shops, I do love going to the vintage shops around the area since we have a few dotted round Cheltenham and Winchcombe but I don't have a very statement style, it's usually thrashing everything together and to see what looks good! I sadly don't have a boyfriend currently (I miss the cuddles, especially since we've been having some toe dropping days!), I'm not a very romantic girl at heart though, but I know I'm going to find the perfect guy who will offer to give up his sundays in life to come to car boot sales with me, go to fesitvals and will do all the cooking whilst I relax infront of the fire and drink my tea. I love it in summer when I can go to the southam car booty, amazing  place to find old antique cameras for no money! (It was mainly my sister who got me into collecting them). But autumn will always be my favourite especially around october time, it's when the weather has still got the summer sun but a nice cool breeze, gently settling me into the harsh winter months ahead. 

I really hate people who look the same, sometimes when I go to town all I see is a group of girls all wearing the same skirt, shoes, t-shirt and jacket, it makes me so annoyed becasue we're born differently for a reason, why do you all want to look and act the same, however that's just my inner anger yelling at me (I don't have anger problems I swear!). I'm not very complex really, I used to be way more confident when I was younger, but as I've grown up and things have happened to make me a bit of a quiet self conscious person, however when I'm with my friends I'm really loud and giggly which is nice, I suppose I just can't wait to go to an art or design collage so I can meet people who have similar interests to me (strictly speaking I'm not very hot at art).

Umm umm umm what else? As you already know I adore 60's, sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era! But hoe-hum, I love alternative folk music at the moment, and a bit of indie but generally I just like any music that suits my taste, alot of people hate what I listen to though, which is a shame 'cause I think it's really good. I haven't read a new book in ages, however I did re-read this dark romance novel called Hush Hush writted by Becca Fitzpatrick, which is about a teenage girl who's life changes dramatically as her bio teacher changes the seating arrangement, but it's a really good book, very romantic, however I wouldn't advise reading the second one if you love the first because, I've done this with multiple amounts of books (however not with Hush Hush, if you do read it tell me id it's worth checking out)and it always really disappoints me considering they're never as good, but that again is just my opinion.

Ok, I think that's (more than) enough for today, sorry to bore you until your eyelids drop but I promise (kind of) that I won't post really lengthy, wordy blogs like this again. But I really needed to write a blog mor eon myself rather than things happening in my life, ateleast it's out of the way!

I also really worship this man here, he's bloody fantastic!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas is nearing, prepare the cookies and mulled wine

Christmas Is upon us! Wrap up warm, and eat plenty amounts of chocolate for insulation incase you forget to wear your coat one day!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Doc's,gingerbread late's and plastic beache's

I'm really getting in the mood of this lovely winter weather as we break that 5 degree's bareerer, How is everyone today? Good? I finally have done most of my christmas shopping, was tremedous fun! found a gorgeous book in waterstones with 100 pictures of Audry Hepburn inside, was just a magnificent piece of art! I was rather happy to sit outside for a change! cause for once my costa coffee was nice a warm and the outside wasn't as unbearable as I thought it would be. My friend Daisy told me I should try out the  Gingerbread late's and I'm so glad I took her advice, they're absolutely fantastic!

I was also a bit naughty aswell today 'cause not only did  I buy christmas presents, I bought myself a little something, but it was worth it as I am listening to it at the moment, It's a lovely CD by blurs Damon Albarn's experimental cartoon band the Gorillaz, called Plastic Beach. My favourite song is "On Melancholy Hill" It's such a lovely little tune. So in a way I don't regret buying it. (insert smiley face)

THATS NOT THE BEST PART! When I got home, my aunty was there (the one who I went out for pizza the other day) and she told me that her and my mum had just bidded and won a pair of black, shiney, used, size 5 doc martens! The excitment inside of me just imploded on itself, I was soo extatic, I gave her a huggle even though I am infected haha, so in honor of the new members of the family here are a couple of lovely pictures of some docccy's!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Twiggy Lawson

Sorry I missed a day but I'm sure you didn't notice any difference! I decided today would be a lazy day as I really wasn't sure on what to write about, so I thought I'd just have a little discussion about someone whom I look upto in the fashion industry (If at any point you loose interest please exit through the door on your right). As you might have gathered I love the 60's, I think it's the best era for anything, music, standing up for what you believe, first time adveturing beyond the world, free love, and ofcourse style. One of which was brought upon by a girl named Twiggy (Real name: Lesley Hornby).

In the 60's she was most famous for her modeling, when I saw some of her photos earlier on this year, I fell in love with her innocent baby look and her big eyes framed with long eyelashes, I think she's so beautiful and I wish I knew more about her, but from what I do know I think she was such an iconic figure for the 60's! If one photo says 1000 words then I guess I don't need to explain anymore.
I also think I'm coming down with something, which is horrible because I just got rid of my last cold, I think they should close down the school so no-one else comes down with the black plague!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Pressure and photoshop!

Hey, today's just a quick little line up as I'm under alot of pressure to get all my Gcse drama completed and ready for next week, also having to film my history tomorrow, which will ALSO count towards a little revision guide for my Gcse next year (pressure pressure!) And on thrusday and friday I have my English exam which counts for about 10% of my final grade, and is two hours long, AHH the agony to get homework done for my teachers standards aswell! Ooooohhh when is my lovely holiday coming!!!

I found this song on youtube called photoshop handsome today on youtube by everything everything and I think it's clever the way they worded their lyrics. The video is a bit bizarre but I love it, so check it out and leave a couple of comments about it.

Sunday Girl also made a remix:

Monday, 6 December 2010

Pizza, snow and flickr adventures!

Om nom, went for a lovely pizza with my aunty and her brother today, we had a wonderful time sitting in pizza hut for two hours chomping on slices of meat feast and hawaiin pizza!  She also got a little excited when she found out that there was an icecream factory upstairs and got herself a massive bowl overflowing with what she calls 'the whippy' icecream, it was funny when she decided to drop a poor jelly baby into her glass of wine, but a bit nutty.

When we came out of pizza hut it began to snow really faintly, very fine crystals were delacately falling onto the prominade and over the christmas lights that were hanging from tree to tree, if I had my camera I would've tried to get a couple of snaps for you, but sadly I don't plan beautiful things to happen at the most incovinient of time.

Ooh! And when I got home I was re-searching a book called the Polaroid book on urban outfitters which has a bunch of really lovely iconic polaroid pictures taken by different photographers and came across some amazing flickr pictures that were voted most interesting of the year, and some were soo beautiful! I seriously mean they were gorgeous I was gobsmacked at some, and since on flickr you aren't really allowed to copy the picture I prin screened a couple because I found them so adorable, I will put the different names of the photographers at the bottom though!

I absolutely adore the polaroid ones at the top, I could just look at them for hours! Planning on collecting alot more polaroids, they're just adorable!

The tropical paradise picture I thought was just really gorgeous looking and made me forget about the massive freeze Britain is under right now!

Don't even get me started on this pillow one, it makes me so happy when I see it I can't wait to grow up and have a boyfriend where I can randomly hit him with soft objects and he won't mind!

Before I forget here are the amazing photographers who need to be taken credit for these fantastic photos, I'm sorry that it's print screen so you may not be able to copy the names (if you are a lazy person who cannot be bothered to type them out like me)

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sunday has no inspiration

Sunday holds no inspiration for today so please view this video, it's beautiful, she has such a clear voice, I could imagine playing this all night, doing nothing but thinking.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Old, cute, vintage tarten and leather

A lovely day out to Birmingham for a nice 6 1/2 hour shopping spree, with a spot of coco-cola and a hot dog. Afterwards sitting down and having a delightful chat with Aunty Gok about the new benefit make up and topshop brands, finally catching the bus to watch a spy,highschool, western, old romance, horror mystery, and science futuristic film. And whilst walking out of the seating room being kissed passionately on the forehead by a gorgeous male model, who surprisingly had no top on and may I say a delightful body!

I must say my little toe is dead and my shoulders have fallen off but spending my day at the clothes show was unbelievable, it was ridiculous how amazing the fashion show was.I salute you models who have to do that for another five days! Even though I only have a little digi camera I got some pretty good snaps of Gok, and the models.  There was this really cute tribute band who played before the show started called Sunday Girl, The woman singing had such a clear lush voice but the guitar player kind of creeped me out.  The theme of the show was movies as you can tell by some of the pictures and yes the picture just below is the gorgeous man who kissed me, teehee aren't I lucky?

I would've edited the pictures for you all but I'm sure having the originals is a bit nicer. The shopping was unbelivable, I ended up spending soo much from somewhere called vintage village, I felt I had just died and gone to heaven there, it was just....I can't even put it in words!
All in all it was safe so say I shopeed until I dropped -_-
I feel like a massive block of lead, it's horrible, but a nice feeling, be sleeping in my new pj's tonight!

Piece done by Amy Ross