Monday, 30 April 2012

I'll shave my head.

I remember when I was in love with you. I decided to duplicate every feature I liked about you and reciprocate it onto myself. It started the day I met you, I went to your house and I saw your/your parent’s vinyl collection. Lots of 80's oriented music; some French lounge music and a couple of Reggae mix ups. There was also a little contemporary amongst the dusty discs of nostalgia that was mainly your own personal collection. I was fascinated and when I got home I spent over £67 worth of vinyl, trying to remember the ones you specifically put on and commented about. It took about seventeen days for them all to arrive, and thank god I was blessed with my parents Hi-Fi in the living room as I played them all consecutively on a Summer's Sunday, some of the music was utter bull, however I convinced myself that it was good music I was listening too and kept bopping my head to the stereotypical tempos of each song. If a song was really bad I remember speeding up the RPM so that it was more entertaining to listen to, and it also meant that the slow decaying of my ears could be saved for another bat-screeching event in the future. The next stage was when I decided to tag along with you and your friends when you went to town. I stayed right by you left hand side, and tried not to move away from you for any longer than thirty seconds as I was paranoid that you would forget I was there. I had a terrible time. You all fannied about in the men's sections of shops and instead of getting a sandwich or have a good meal deal (3 for 2 on selected items you fucker!) at M&S you all hopped, skipped and jumped to the nearest Maccy D's. Although I made sure to convince myself I was having fun as you were there. At the end of the day you walked me home, because I made sure to stay with you all in the park 'til late. You offered me a fag as we walked, and I remember the intoxicating smell of weed and tobacco smouldered into your jumper when you hugged me, so I said yes. I coughed the first time, but when you said it was 'cute' I decided that I would carry on smoking, as to have more in common with you. So after school, down by the river, in the back garden behind the shed at home, I smoked. I wanted to get used to it so that I could be the one to offer you a fag the next time we had a late night stroll along the pot-holed roads of the town, and I could do that glamorous ring puffing they do in the black and white films. I didn't like how my nails turned yellow, but I just painted them to cover it up. That's how much I liked you.

So when I was  finally used to the occasional fag I made sure to invite you for a smoke and a walk. You brought Crabby's apple cider with you (by the way it's still my favourite indoor Saturday drink.), we drank as we walked on the desolate roads in the country, we even shared a fag at one point. That night you were wearing a wax jacket, it looked so good on you I just wanted to push you into a bush and do things to you. Instead, when I got home and cranked open another bottle of Crabby's that you gave me I trawled the internet until about two in the morning for a wax jacket like yours. I eventually found a second hand one on eBay posted for 99p (Although I ended up paying around about £30 for it). It only took four days to arrive! I never stopped wearing it for the remaining five months that I knew you. When I saw you next you commented on it saying that I looked 'proper tidy' in it. When you said that, I remember almost throwing up on you. But I contained myself and smiled instead.

The last thing I remember doing was getting my hair cut. This was during the last week that I knew you. We met up to go into town because we were bored. You knocked on my door and your hair was all cut off. Okay not all, but your fringe had gone and instead there was this shaved headed youth standing on my Welcome Home doormat. I remember touching it and saying 'Well now at least my rings won’t get caught in it.', you laughed, but it was a little dishevelled. After that Adrenalin filled day we went behind a tree and had a fag in the closest field. It was nice because it was raining and we had to stand pretty close to stay dry, I remember your breath smelt of tic-tac’s and carcinogens, it was wonderful. When I got home I went into the bathroom and got my dad's shaver and shaved my head. It was okay because we were in the middle of our summer holidays, so it had loads of time to grow back again. After that I arranged to meet up with you for the following Friday. You said you were busy so I bypassed it. I asked again on Saturday, but you said you had to go out of town with you dad. I was sad, but instead of moping I went into town with my friends for some banter and sun. We went into Maccy D's, much to my disgrace, and there you were. Your burger stained tongue in some peroxide blonde's mouth. It was disgusting to see and I remember running out of there so desperately that I twisted my ankle. After three days of wet eyes and constant refill on nicotine I threw all of the vinyl onto an ash pile and set it on fire (although I did keep one Smiths album, 'cause the cover art was nice).

It's been over seven months and since then you and that blonde girl have broken up. Luckily my hair grew back to an appropriate length for school. I kind of miss my shaved head, but it did get so cold in January that I had to wear two hats whenever I went out! So I suppose I don't miss the extra expense of supplies I had to buy to keep my capillaries flowing at a suitable rate. I miss your company though, and when I smoke under our tree I get a little bit teary eyed and my wax jacket doesn't seem to have the same smell as yours. Maybe in the summer, I'll shave my head again...

Inspired by life around me

Friday, 27 April 2012


It's a Friday, and I'm a little sad. I leave school in two weeks, and impending doom is facing me on the other side. All the while I feel like kicking and screaming, however society has told me to remain calm. Eventhough I am only a naive sixteen year old, this is the only big thing that's happened to me and I'm frightened. All I want to do right now is be with the ones I love and play a game of cards whilst sipping on a cup of tea. But I can't. It's scary, and I feel like I'll never come out of education. Only now do I realise how much I want to live an adult life. Not worrying about some things and being with the people who I want to be with. It could be the rain talking, no sun can lead to SAD. And I am. Most definately. Sad.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Carbonated Rhapsody

I absolutely adore the idea of indoor plants. I think it's the fact that you can never over do the amount of plants featured in your house. Okay I suppose this bathroom may be a little overdone, however doesn't it look just beautiful. I'm not sure what it is. It could be the fact that I'm helping to probe new life, or it may be just the fact that I have a likeness for the colour green and it's other shades however the idea of plants in homes is just inspiring. Well whatever the reason is, I know one thing for sure. My house is going to be decked out in ferns, ficuses and potted wax plants. To the point where my guests don't even realise they've entered an indoor sanctum.  It will be fantastic is all I can say.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Keepin' it Krule

Thanks to my darling Ali, I have been obsessed with the haunting and atmospheric melodies of King Krule (Zoo Kid). A boy with the deepest voice in all of the UK.  Not only at home have I been listening to it, but also at work! It amazes me that such a young kiddy could be so talented and have such beautiful vocals. Hopefully, when I next feel like getting out the house I can find the vinyl of his stunning work and play it on Fiona, whom has finally arrived.  Feeling giddy about it, until then, I'll just listen to the digital version of it.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Girls Girls Girls

Since I find boys in shirts so dapper and attractive along with a many array of garments and accessories I thought why not do the female version. After all it's always good to have a balance ain't it? Okay, so there are many different shapes and styles that people usually go with when dressing themselves. However I think I'm just going to hit you with what I believe to be some very simplistic wardrobe essentials that seem to work on alot of lady-women around town. Now I know in my boy post (here) I adressed a limited amount of the male population, however with the ladies I'm just going to be a little more vague, as I know how we all are with our personal opinions!

1. A white cotton shirt - Seriously this is such a simple item, and so easy to find. I would also recommened linen as it's a brethable fabric and you could wear it large with skinny's or bare it up and wear it as a dress with naked legs... You choose.
2. An over sized T-shirt - Bit of a cliche, however I do believe they look rather rad on girls and they are so versitile. Even if it's only one for sleeping in! I just think they're mighty fine!
3. An ugly jumper - Lets face it we all need one. Okay maybe not ugly per say, but just something that's very eccentric and has some kind of phsychedelic pattern on it. I think it really helps bring out your kooky side.
4. A white summer dress - Aah, so girly and free. Try to make sure it's no too see through, however a white cotton dress with a trimming of brodais anglais is an all timer. I don't think it would ever go out of style.
5. An LBD - Come on. We all need one... And with this it's great, because you can go down a gothic route, an art deco type route, with neat finishes or a classic route, a bit like Audrey Hepburn.
6. A maxi skirt/dress - It's great experimenting with different lengths and fabrics and I think maxi's suit all heights.
7. A hat - This goes for the boys aswell.  A hat is a definate. There are so many different styles of hat out there and odds are that some kind of hat will suit any of you! Wether it be a fedora, bowler, top, beanie, bobble or wide brim. There are so many and aslong as you pick the styles that match your fashion sense then there is a high percentage chance that they will look good on you. So try and experiment and add some diversity to your everyday outfit! Also, they are fab for when your hair has one of those wierd 'woohoo' days...
8. That 'something vintage' - Now I know many, if not over half the population of ladies would snarl and turn their noses up at vinatge! However with all of this new 'trendy modern fashion' that we all seem to be dripping in, we forget about all the lovely clothes and accessories that were made in the past. Even if it's a necklace or a bag from an era other than your own I do think vintage is really effective and you can be sure that no-one else around you has the same.  Which is nice, because we all need a little individuality somewhere!
9. Espadrilles - Mmm. I do love the things. Just so summery and fantastic for hazy summer morning walks or shopping trips. Just good for something to slip on you know? If not Espadrilles then why not pump it and get a pair of little canvas pumps and remove the laces? (This way it's easy access and can look quite rad when right!)
10. Lace - Lets face it. We can't always be dressed in black and grunge, we need to have a little bit of femininity about our wardrobes. Which is why something in lace is brilliant! Black, white, pink, grey, anything will do ladies. Just lace it up! For texture and delicacy.
11. A sheer shirt - They're flowy, graceful and can be dressed up or down. Couldn't get any better really!
12. That statement jacket - Leather, denim, tweed, skin. It's all wonderful. We have so many different varieties and it's good not to be freezin' our tits off in the winter when have late night shopping. So be smart and snappy about it and get a jacket! Personally I love fur, babour and denim. They all appeal to me! So go look for that jacket that makes people think of you!
13. Your boyfriends... - Doesn't even have to be your boyfriends! But adding a little snippet of masculinity into your wardrobe in endearing and gives your clothes more of an edge. So t-shirts, jumpers, jackets, shoes. Just grab anything from your male friends. They won't care. Doubt they'll even notice!
14. Floral - Now I'm not saying go into Cath Kiddy's and buy everything in floral, whether it be bag, pencil case, dress or oven mitton. Just saying that florals are very beautiful. And when dressed right, can look very charming. I think shirts in floral look rather lovely, and skirts aswell! Just try and add more depth to it. So test out with different fabrics, heavy fabrics and florals can add a real contrast, visa versa!

These are what I think the bare bare minimum should be seen in a ladies wardrobe. I could have added so much more, however because of how anal I am, I must have fourteen points! Much like Woodrow Wilson did (just something I learnt in history, heh!)...

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


How snazzzzz, a tunnee named after my friendling Tommy, not sure if he'd like this kinda shmuck, however I think it's definately rad, and was duper excited to see it named after mon-chica Tommy. I now have 17 days left of school, then, my exams. It's unbelievable to think that, and I feel very unprepared. I can't wait for it to be over and for this freaking compulsory-ed to stop crushing my bones and making me feel 1000 tonnes 24/7... Hurry up and finish.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Mm... It's not nice being ill, although I suppose atleast I can get work done in the peace, quiet and sanctuary of my room.  

Sunday, 15 April 2012

It's fuckin'-funky

I'm in a slightly Psychedelic mood, and realised that I haven't posted a chunk'a music on here in an age, so enjoy these groovy, soulful tunes.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

I drew a picture


She was a very sentimental girl; her eyes were always clouded over with visions of nostalgia. I would drink in her glowing pink aura as she would lounge nonchalantly on the wrought iron, rusting chair on the front patio and smile. The sun would act as a halo around her crooked profile and make her appear an angel descended from heaven. She was always so quiet, and when she did talk, not one word would be slurred. For her voice was clear and rhythmic. She had a cat. He was black with sand coloured socks and whenever she sat he would act as a blanket, sprawling his thin limbs and plump body over her bony lap.  He never made an account to lie on my lap, however I did not mind as I was allergic to his long Parisian fur. When she would drink her jaw line would deepen into a definition of dark shadow, and I would further wonder how someone could hold such an eminent beauty. I remember that she would always try and make it her first priority to maintain groomed, right up to the pointing edge of perfection. Even on lazy Sundays her hair would remain wonderfully quaffed and lipstick finely blotted on the handkerchief she would wrap around her deer like wrist. Only on days of hysteria would I ever experience the graceful falling of hairs upon her flushing cheeks and witness the heavy weight of tears outlining her upturned pout. Still, even then I would find her incandescently striking.

This, teamed with the photo of my friend makes ture irony.
Original wording.

Saturday, 7 April 2012


A nice tune for a Saturday afternoon.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Fond memories

I never really expose you to many of my belongings, and I though that's no way to maintain a good relationship with all of you.  So I selected a few of my absolute favroutie items in my life. No matter what comes and goes in my life, these are the things I want to be able to store away until my hair turns white and my eyes appear more sunken in!


Known to my friends as my 'gay pride' jumper (also known as my rainbow jumper).  This thang is the fucking bomb man! I love this bad boy too much. Amazing find at a Car booty sometime last year, and has been my comforting friend every holiday this year.


Next my 'Duckie', or otherwise just a huge yellow knitted Cardigan.  Was my first purchase from my favroutie shop called House of Pandora. I've had this tatty rag for about two years now, and it's been pretty faithful!


Next my vintage fur coat, made from rabbit's fur. I absolutely adore this coat, even though it's pretty new to my wardrobe I know it's going to stay with me for a long time. Many of you may be against fur but don't forget it's about 70 years old and you're not the one wearing it... So please no hate on Panda's Box, not the time.


Ahh, my trusty little sidekick Patrick the Panda bear backpack. I do love this little guy, one of the best things I have ever purchased and he gets alot of love from my chums!


This is kind of a mixed one between Vinyl and Beth Jeans Houghton. 
I fucking bum (pardon me) vinyl, it's so beautiful to listen to. I think it's the sheer care and effort it takes to play the record and how delicate the discs are.  It has really made me appreciate music to a new level.
Beth Jeans Houghton, the most terrific sheela I have ever heard. Her gosipal inspired voice and vibrant lyrics are truely individual and she's the one artist I never get sick of!


My ring collection. It rapidly grows weekly and with each ring comes a different story and a different time period of my life. I will never get rid of these, and my collection will (hopefully) keep growing until I need a shoebox to contain them all in.


Finally. My Polaroid.  This little guy has been the best over the year that I've had him. I never thought having him would be so much fun. And I have so many fond memories from looking at all of the business card sized photographs.  He's a keeper.

What are your favourite things?

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Monday, 2 April 2012


Alot of things have happened but nothing new to report, I suppose life is rolling by and eah day I look back with a tint of pink lemonade like nostalgia. This would make no sense to you, my reader, however holds a certain type of improtance to me...

Piece done by Amy Ross