Friday, 31 August 2012

This is an Un-flattering Post

Summer is coming to a close, and so is my holiday. Alot has happened over this holiday, I have come closer to some people and further away to others. I've learnt alot, including new slang words which I still find hard to use, and I feel I have spent my time well. I've been to Cyprus, 2000 Trees, London, Norfolk and bummed about at home, a perfectly good combination. Excuse for the lack of photos of my time in the summer, but since August is ending in a few short hours I might aswell share my times with you with a select of memorable snaps from my 9 weeks:

Me and Isaac havin' a whale of a time

Hannah havin' Shishaaa

Isaac and Hannah chillin' in our fucking pig sty of a tent

My sister and I gettin' tanned in Cyprus

My friend Daisy in the sunshine(and shade) on our picnic

Havin' a quick spin on the ol' Penny

My lovely chum made me a 'curvy' mermaid

A camera Obscura on the beach (I felt like a bit of a perv lookin' at peeps on the beach...)

Me chums Louis and Ali being absolute tits.

My derlin' Hannah being her usual beautiful self
Yes, ten very un-flattering photos of what went down on my longest summer holiday ever! I have a shit loada memories and a ton of pictures on my walls documenting the glorious moments of this impossibly strange time. I will miss staying up until midnight at a friends house talking and watching films, I will miss the spontinuety of all my meetings, I will miss the closeness I have experienced this holiday and I will miss the idea of having 9 weeks to being free... Although I'm pretty excited to have a fresh start in Sixth-Form. I hope you all had a brilliant holiday and good luck for this next year coming up!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Dress in the Rain


Fantastic song, I never get bored of listening to it.

Monday, 27 August 2012

You Are Healthy

I never get bored of Alexa. When I have style doubts or am feeling quite down I know that when I look at her I will feel instantly better. She has this gravity that gives me inspiration and really makes me feel alot happier about fashion and that going for simple clothing is okay. I've been into monotones recently and been wearing alot of black/grey/white together. Ofcourse there is the odd orange or splash of pattern thrown in there, but I find it so much nicer (for me anyway) to wear simpler and darker clothing. I've always been more of an A/W person as I prefer dark clothing and lots of layers and seeing Alexa wearing layers with dark colours makes me feel all the more confident about it!
I also like the fact that she has a chinese father and I have asian blood in me too! We both have our problems with thin hair and how trying to volumise it is an almost impossible task! Recently getting my hair dyed for the second time it's ever more Alexa style which I'm quite happy with. All I need now is a pair of winkle pickers, stick thin legs and perhaps a bit of a hair brush and we are in business!


I have a new found love for the band Crystal Castles. At the moment they are just my thing, electronica/punk/grunge all of that shit really! I never used to like them at all early on in the year, I suppose then I was morely into folk and indie music. However right now I am craving alternative electronic music. It just gets my heart racing and makes me want to raaave like a fucking lunatic!
They give me the creeps a little too, but I actually find it even more attracting to their group. Their entire greasy/wasted/dark look is just fantastic, especially Alice Glass. Her hair, thin boney face and stick thin frame reminds me of that whole heroin chic shit goin' down in the mid-90's with Mossy.  I am getting real tempted to buy their Crystal Castles (II) album as I am getting quite attracted to the songs on there...

These two would have to be my favourites from them

Friday, 24 August 2012

Films For a (non)Fanatic

I'm not a huge film fanatic like some of my friends. Although I do love a good film on most occasions.

Being a lesser film fan than most people I don't often visit the cinema. I didn't go and see Batman, or Spiderman or Green Lantern or Magic Mike or Ted, I'm not completely sure why I just can't seem to muster up the appeal or the energy to spend my money on going ot the cinema that often. Because of this attitude I have I guess I don't really broaden my views on film, I only have a very limited few which I would recommened to people and most of them being of the same genre/similar plot. At the moment I'm loving school films, ones which deal with teenagers agnst and feelings, this includes Jesus H Christ, That's What I Am, Submarine & The Art of Getting By. As you can probably guess they all mainly hold some kind of teen romance as, even though I may deny it, I am a romantic as heart... I think I find the films engaging because a sense of me can relate to the problems they face, or atleast my heart goes out the protagonists of the film.  I realise they are a tad boring/thoughtful for some people however I always find myself really loving them. I know once I get older my perspective on films will change either drastically or minimally, however for now I'm sticking with my romances as I really am a bit of a girly girl...

Thursday, 23 August 2012


I'm not completely mad about the sound of electric guitars, however I am really enjoying the sounds of the Chromatics, they are very relaxed and even though they have a rock like genre they still are able to maintain this calm cool wash over type of music. I could definately sit in my room and listen to them whilst readin' a magazine or drawing perhaps. Nice one Rise!

Also I'm very happy with my results, all of those hours revising were worth it.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

If it's green, It must be seen

During my homework over the summer in Textiles I've been asked to analyse interior magazines and how they present the feel of a room. As one of my favourite magazines happens to be about people in their personally designed homes I used apartamento as a way of finding inspiration. It's not hard as that magazine is one of the greatest things going for helping me feel motivated.

I will, and this is without a doubt, have plants wherever I meander off to. At the moment the only plants in my room are more dead than alive, however I just find them one of the most amazing objects to have in a house. Even if I'm living by myself I'll still have my plants with me. I think I'd start small/dry, basically a Cactus which needs minimal care as it's a desert plant... I just know I'm aiming to have a room filled like this one is with beautiful overflowing tins of green.

The genius of white wash walls and over the top hauding of oddities. This is true brilliance. I am myself a collector of 'junk' as others may call it. Jars, cameras, cushions you name it I'll probably collect it or atlest have it on my future collectors list... I just find this a beautiful sight, however I might dim mine down a tad to prevent a huge collection of dust, cause that's one thing I do not want to collect!

Lastly is this simply (and please don't be offended by this purposeful spelling mistake) gawjus view. Let me list the amazing sights before me if this picture isn't self explanitory enough. The high and slightly industrial ceiling, the huge windows and the different levels of the house. I love houses with levels, I think it's because I quite like steps, even though I may complain about climbing up/down stairs, I still think steps make a house so much more adventurous.  The wide windows I find amazing because I'm really digging natural light right now, and so these beauties are just making the cut perfectly. Finally the ceiling, it's large and has beams across where you can hang things.... No need for a hook! You have fucking beams, and I just adore the whole open plan look.  I think it's because this 'setting' reminds me of Ikea, and I personally love Ikea...

Saturday, 18 August 2012

A Dark Night

This is what I love about expired film. It's completely up-predictable.  I love the colours and the flecks and everything about these polaroids. All from a double pack of film I bought in a charity shop for 3 quid! I have had good clear shots aswell, but I find these ones so much more interesting. The top is my friend in her roller boots. Going skating tonight aswell, exciting!

Friday, 17 August 2012

It's Monday

"It's called a Monday"

After being trapped up in room for days on end doing summer work it's no wonder my brain is producing such strange oddities like It's called a Monday. I've been very very influenced by Grimes, her albums have been on loop for this entire week, and I can't stop listening to her. I have moments like this with music. During my study period the only music I listened to was Piano as this was the only music that gained me focus, and now Grimes is the only music to gain me creativity. After seeing some of Claire Boucher's other artwork it inspired me hugely to create a drawing with no sense or mind. I am pleased with the results as I'm usually a very confined drawer, I draw with one thick black line and everything has to be very precise and planned. However with Monday that was the last thing I wanted to do. I like the freedom in her and the feminism breeching through - as if you hadn't already guessed that is a labia on her head - during A-level I really want to branch out more on this style as it's also very charmaine influenced with the multiple eyes and the 'scratchy' lines. She was only a quick one, but hopefully I'll create something when I have more time with alot more detail and alot larger. Okay maybe not that large as I don't work well with big pieces of paper...


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Third Eye/////Geidi//Halfaxa

I cannot get over the beauty of this song. Claire Boucher you have out done yourself! Even though this song appears on her second album Halfaxa I think it's the most fantastic thing I have ever heard in a while. If you do read my blog I'm guessing most of you know my love for Grimes, she is genuinely a musical genius and I find her music so organic. She herself is truely an inspiration, stumbling her way into the music industry rather than pushing. The best thing for me to happen this year would be seeing her perform her newest album Visions live, however I haven't been able to buy a ticket or find someone to drag along whom I know is a true Grimes enthusiast.

When I bought her vinyl after just recieving my fidelity I found her music strange, however overtime her music has grown on me immensely, so much so that I'm probably going to go into town tomorrow (despite going today already) (This is an hour after I wrote this post. I went out and bought the CD...) and buying her beautiful album Halfaxa as it is one of the most beautiful albums I have ever heard. If you don't know of Grimes I advise you listen if you're into Ethereal/Industrial/Surrealist, she is just incred!

What tops off her music is the artwork. I know that she designed herself the album cover for Visions which is very stylised, I'm guessing she has done the same for Halfaxa and Geidi Primes. Anyway, Claire Boucher, I think you are better than anything I've ever heard.


Zoe Bedeaux - Apartamento

This woman is my Goddess when it comes to home furnishing, Her wardrobe alone makes me drool let alone the rest of her swanky apartment. Woven cushions, skulls, wooden tables and tassels... Orgasmic. 

Thursday, 9 August 2012


I am on the hunt for the absolutely glorious works of art by Vivienne Westwood... Well maybe dupes as they are just too much, even on Ebay! Who else thinks that these are bloody genius, lets pray that China make dupes which are a decimal cheaper than the real things. Also, Alexa Chung wears these, how much moreperfect could a pair of shoes get?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Self Explanitory

I'd bleach my hair if I had ivory coloured skin

Sunday, 5 August 2012

In with the times

I cannot express how much I adore this photo, it may be the obscene cuteness or just the pastel colours, whatever it is about this photo I think it's absolutely adorable. It also fits perfectly in with the fashion right now, the pale shades of lavender and duckling yellow paired with white frills and bows, perfect! I wish I could dress in this attire, it's simply lovely.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Sea Punk

These songs are absolutely rad for the summer, filled with ear flooding sounds and a more underground option of dance music! The first especially glorifies summer with the steel drums and all that.  However the second is an all time favourite of mine, the video is a little graphic though so I thought I wouldn't put it up for your gentle peepers. I really enjoy finding dance music like this as it's not house, however it's got an amazing beat and makes me want to dance more than Dubstep (sorry to all you fans out there).

I hope you're all having a good summer, even though the weather isn't exactly screaming heat wave right now... That's what you get when you live in England. I've had a good time so far I don't think I'm really ready to go back to school, so thank god I have another four weeks to enjoy myself. Enjoy your lives, as you only have one, and enjoy these tunes as they're raad!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Slender necks are simply beautiful, I'm sorry I've been doing lazy posts recently but I've found photps which have really ispired me and given me subjects to write about. Anyway necks, you may not think about your neck as obviously it's not something for someone to fixate on usually, however I think they are magnificent especially on this model, I think it's also the length of her neck as if you look around some people have quite short necks whilst others have long slender necks. Take Audrey Hepburn, she has this incredible doe-like neck which cranes out very elegantly and I really admire it. Obviously its the choice of genes to whether or not you have a slender neck and you can't help not having one, however I still find they have aesthetics.  I suppose that's usually why I always draw people with incredibley long swan necks.  

Piece done by Amy Ross