Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Avi // Geidi


I thought I would never like it.. I have no idea why, but yesterday I took the risk and bought Grimes' first album Geidi Primes. (Ok, it wasn't much of a risk because I already listened to it on youtube, however it was still, slightly... a risk) Anyway, it's so magical and experimental and I think, even though Grimes herself thought it wasn't very good, I find it so free and a real insight into her just mixing everything about aswell as being quite worldly involved with a lot of her synths and voice tones. Yes, the album is very raw and yes it has some dodgy moments, however I must say I love a lot of the songs on it and you can see this amazing developement Claire has taken with her music, once being a slightly ambient she has now blossomed into an electro-pop gal. 
Also at a short 30 minutes or so it's not too much of a commitment to listen to. So I think you should check out her brilliance below and experience the magic with me.
I think Caladan is such a good way to open up the album, slightly mysterious and gave me goose-bumps when first hearing it, I think Gambang is just halarious with the lighthearted and jaunty intro then the wavering lyrics.

Monday, 25 February 2013


I am loving the music of DeerHoof and DyE at the moment. I am mainly leaning towards DH's album Milkman, however I am open for discussion:
Of course I am still in love with Grimes and Crystal Castles and cannot wait for Swim Deep's new single to come out:

Favourite live version of her.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

I swear

Thank you to my friend Ellie for buying me Perks of Being a Wallflower for my birthday. Even though I recieved it a little over twelve hours ago I have already watched and reloved it. I think it is such a wonderfully melancholic film in senses. The only problem I have with it is it looks too modern. When reading the book a year and something ago I always invisioned it a lot more like Beginners. With very muted colours, good music and slightly more solemn characters. Although I think it's fantastic. Also, why change the tunnel song?! It was good as the original Chbosky...


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

After listening to my vinyl, I found this one my favourite.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Ma Giirrrlls

One of the funniest birthday cards I have recieved. From my home-hoe Hannah! It may look just 'kerazi' but it was full with a lot of inside jokes and tricks we have had ongoing for about two years now. I just love that our friendship has come to 80% of ridiculous conversations and 20% of that deep meaningful shit. It's just lush to have her around and it'll be hard the day I have to say goodbye to her, whenever that may be, and hopefully we'll still stay in contact wherever we are in the world. It's not just her which I love and appreciate, it's all of my other closest friends who make me laugh and say some of the obscurest things at times which just make the corners of my mouth curve. So guys even though you should keep your friends close and your enemys close, make sure the best ones are right by your side at all times.


Mm, these lads...

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hey I'm 17 Today

Yes a little late because I was 17 yesterday, but you get the idea of it all. It's unusual being 17 because, well it's an inbetween age and the only other freedom I've been given is the ability to start driving which I don't really want to do right now, considering I can't afford a car, or insurance and I have toomuch on my mind let alone the pressure of passing my driving test.

I had a pretty chilled birthday. I feel a bit bad because I did no work yesterday, but it can't be helped. However it was real nice seeing my friends and eating cake and what not. It was also my chummy Isaac's birthday yesterday aswell so I went to go and see him in the evening with our friends and we all sat around and talked and drank tea and just chilled out big time. Pretty rad.

So yeah I thought I'd show you some of my presents I got yesterday:
This way adorable vintage jacket, which I think is more of a nightie jacket, but it's just so sweet I'm wearing it out.

Oh yeah, I went to see Swim Deep on Friday with my dear little Han and we bought badges, how lush are they? It was a pretty sweaty but enjoyable time.

I got crimpers, so here come the 80s hair! I just need to buy some more scrunchies, so AA shall be expecting an order from me soon.

A shit-ton of 80s films which I am uber phsyched to watch. The only one I've seen out of these ones is Pretty in Pink so yay should be such a time.

Oooh, would you look at all of that 300 film, and disposables and oh, what's that? Well it looks a lot like IMPOSSIBLE 680 FILM! Yeah, I like that.

Then wehe, another Wes Anderson film. My favourite director at the moment.

This lovely hardback comic book from my friend Lydia, who also took it upon herself to draw me my own wrapping paper:
How gorgeous is that?


Sorry about the lighting on these ones, but how funky is this vinyl bowl? It's just the lushest thing ever, curtesy of my friend Daisy (who also got me Bowie vinyl)

Then my friend Hannah got me the beautiful Moon and Sun Charm bracelet which is my new staple piece. She also got me an Edith Piaf vinyl which is so nice to listen to.
I also got some other bits and pieces, however most of it was money which I'm going to save up to buy myself some new docs! when they release their new range of s/s shoes. I am definately tempted to get these gorgeous ones:
Image via Lulutrixabelle

I missed you all. Lets talk soon.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

The best part ever in the whole of My So Called Life, I mean Jey-sus-Christ! I literally could watch that moment a million times and still melt in the palm of Jerard Leto's hand. The best part is when you're watching the episode and you have this slight inkling about what might happen and then the best thing, like ever, happens! I just love it, although obviously things go from down hill after this moment, but for now lets just pretend this is the end!

Gong Hei Fat Choi!

Piece done by Amy Ross