Saturday, 7 January 2012



Yesterday I was thinking about 6th form art course for when I tke it next year. One idea I had formulated was the idea of the beauty of definition in someone' face. Cheek bones, Jaw lines, Bottom lip shadow. All of it and how you can really make someone look incredible by just shining a light on their face. So for a project for my art next year I am going to study definition. To try and understand the human face better. This may make it easier for me to draw people and shadowing.  I wanted to test out if it would work. And I realised it really did look so interesting when i tried it.
 It made me look so fearless and had an air of coolness around it. It was spooky but I love the simplicity of the actual photo against the effect it had on me and how different it made me look. Definately doing this for my art.


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