Sunday, 26 June 2011

Lovely song for the summer



I looooove feathers, they're so surreal with the fact of colours, texture, weight and size, and with the whole festival look right now feather earrings are all the rage, and I love it! As I go through life piercing my ears a lobe at a time I'll try and find a few pairs of the most colourful and isane feather earrings as I can! OOOoooooh I can't wait! Bought my basket for work experience today and the weather was a scorcherr! Summer is here babay, foookiin' yes!


Monday, 20 June 2011


I noticed people are wearing these more now, and they look suuuuuper comfy! I was browsing around on topshop and ASOS and stoof and I realised they were suuuuuper cheap! So I am investing in some of these bad boys, I feel that for my work experience I could walk around all day and just not feel all achey or what'evs and also they'll go with alot of my things! Well not the stripey ones in particular but say black or navy? I can't waait!  I hope they are comfortable, otherwise me getting all hyped up is just ridiculous!

More rain too, bloody Britain I must say!


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sentimental Sunday's

I really like this photo, lace for eyebrows, lashes on her lowers, really cycadellic right now!
Just made a few purchases so when they arrive you may see! Oh and my sketchbook, I must scan some photos in for ya'll!


Friday, 17 June 2011



Long time no blog (I think), I was rootin' around my photos and found one of someone underwater and I got me thinking how much I adore water, and seeing people's hair going wild from the lack of gravity in the water, so I took a littl detor onto Weheartit, and found some really beautiful and mystical!  I especially find the second to last one really intreguing, I think I like the fact it's so static and there isn't much going on it isn't fussy, but if I had a pool I would take loads of photo's underwater! They're just a-ma-ziiiiiiiing and see how well they go with the space background!

Toodle pip, I would have a cup of milk but we have none......


Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Keeping it bedrrom style, my room, when I'm in college deffo!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Audrey Tautou


Audrey Tautou, A seriously stunning french woman, seen in Amelie and The coco chanel adverts, I just think she's beautiful! I love french women, so classy and simple.


Sunday, 12 June 2011

Some summer tunage

Since the drab weather has turned this weekend into a typical British moment I had the lovely option of doing art for the entire time, which was the plan already but it's nice to think that I have no option but to do my art cause of this awful weather, I want to show you some new funky-junky things I've bough rcently and stoof so expect me on your computer screen very soon!

Since the weaather's a bit of a downer how about so raaddical tunage to pump up the moood!
I may show some things I've already posted on here because I can't remember what've already shown you guyyyyss!

Discovery - Osaka Loop line

A little jam of : The Kinks- All day and all of the night

Regina Spektor - Folding chair

Summer camp - Ghost train

Kisses- Bermuda

And for a nice morning breezer when you're sitting by your window, looking out to the sun and contemplating what you'll do today: Elbow- One day like this...
Do you like? I've been meaning to get summore music and stoof so recommened me some of that shit and tell mye if it's worth th ear or not!

I love you guyyyss

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Canary Yellow

Sitting in my Conservatory fiddling with some inks for my art-book, listening to my songs on shuffle, no make, hair un-brushed and sitting in a pile of paints, newspaper, thread and needles. But I'm happy! Really happy, I shall show you the finished product of my hard work.


Thursday, 9 June 2011





So yeah I love tribal right now
Ethnic and tribal jewellery//Idian print kaftans//Insanely big clompy necklaces//head dresses//
Beads and leather.


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Chillin' in the nest

I love bedrroms so much, I love going to peoples bedrooms because a bedroom is their room, and to see the types of inspiration they really look up to wether it maybe be quotes or newspaper or fashion or photography, anything! A bedroom is almost like a art instilation where you can step into the moind of someone else, and I just love it!


This room is beautiful, it's so minimlist!

Drapes are beauitufl and incrediable in a room, I love enclosed spaces, they're so intimate plus netting doesn't make you feel too trapped in fabric and what not,( but hey! I love that! So cozy!) as you can see places. OH AND GIANT WINDOWS! raad.

These colours are so bold really, sbfjhkgajhgagkb!



So yeah I love bedrooms, If I had a big bedroom I would do whatever I could to make it feel small, and If I had a small room, I would try and make it appear smaller. I love intimate space, patterns, colours, windows, drapes, alcoves! I love bedrooms.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Keeping it intimate

Doing physical theatre in drama is difficult, the remains to keep serious but have a sense of itimacy with someone is so cringing to hold up, I'm not good at physical theatre, I'm too silly, and I can't break the wall between acting and being, I need to take the grasp of it, Wightless by Erika, an inspiration to me, so creative yet it's such a simple idea, I don't know make your own assumptions.


Sunday, 5 June 2011


On Fridayy I went to Bath with Mutti and we had a enthrawling time prowling the streets alll day looking in shop windows having pizza and eating ice cream, the weather was absolutely splendid and I had a fantastic day, I didn't go to Bath for no reason, as on the accound it is an extrodinarily beautiful city, and I shall be moving there when I have kiddy-winks believe you me! But I really wanted to visit Becky's boutique called MINT, I had never been before and after hearing and seeing picture on her blog The Flower girl I had to take a venture to Bath and see her marvelous shop and see her!

This is MINT, it is a wonderful shop, I was able to meet Beck's and her mother, and I found a few vintage jems in there! (She even gave me a blogger discount, she's such a darling!)


I got this raaaadicall floral print shirt, and an absolutely beautiful calf length dress, with a V neck drop and buttons all along to the bottom, I was so happy, and will be visiting very veeryy soon for more deisgner vintage gooodies, yum!


Saturday, 4 June 2011

Friday, 3 June 2011

I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else, but you

I love Juno, couldn't get a more rad teenage pregnancy than this, sorry about the up-roar a second ago (well a few hours ago) I was feeling glum about my art, but all is good! I did nine hours of art today so I feel a little better about everything!

Such good advice!


Ellen page is amazing at Juno

Owell better get to sleep, going to bath tomorrow, well today since it's past midnight! I don't want to be too tired!


Piece done by Amy Ross