Tuesday, 28 May 2013

With the Spiders from Mars

Sad times. I'm back from my Bowie adventure down at London. It was an absolutely overwhelming experience seeing and listening all that was David, from where it began to how is now, and this whole ordeal has made me respect and appreciate him even more. The most surreal thing was seeing the costumes and then realizing that he actually wore them. No no, these were no dupes in front of my peepers, but the real fandango... I know, brilliant!

Unfortunately, since the prints which I adored were hundreds of pounds (I know, my jaw dropped as well) I decided to get some smaller tokens of my experience, to help me remember seeing the greatness that was he.

I bought this wonderful enamel representation of Bowie's Pierrot clown costume which he wore in his music video 'Ashes to Ashes' and I thought it was such an iconic image of his that it was the perfect memento really. 

I also bought the classic Exhibition Postcards to kind of satisfy my dismay at the outrageous prices of the prints which my heart really went out to. In the end I actually found the selection was pretty sweet and actually features some of my favourite images which I have previously collected over the past 24 hours, I know, I am a real dedicated fan... 

I thought I'd just show you some of my favourites in the pack, 'cause that's always going to happen. So from left to right (top to bottom) 1. Is a still from his 'Life on Mars' video 2. The Archer from his 'staion to station' tour 3. The forever iconic Aladdin Sane 4. Is a manipulated film still from the movie The Man who Fell to Earth 5. A publicity shot for his (then) upcoming album Diamond Dogs and 6. Are the lyrics to the song Ziggy Stardust. I is excited to get these honeys up on the wall - although I have no idea where.  

One of my favourite sections of the exhibition was definitely this mime The Mask which was made as part of the Love You till Tuesday promotional film in 1969. I think I just found it amazing seeing him in a different light, and completely juxtaposing the glam-rock image which he adopts in future years. Instead he appeared a haunting image, making the piece even more intriguing. I think I just find it lush that he is a multi-talented man, and for that I respect him. David Bowie, you are a Hero:

Oh and I also bought an amazing book off of Amazon inspired by the exhibition I saw, but it obviously hasn't  arrived yet...

Monday, 27 May 2013

Soul Man

So I'm going to the Bowie exhibition tomorrow, and I am just crying inside with love for him. I watched the Five Years today which was a documentary about his best and most distinctive five years and it just seemed to spark some kind of love which I never knew I had for him. I am now obsessed and cannot wait for tomorrow to come. Until then I shall spam you all with his amazing face. Also, is it weird I find him incredibly attractive... Like SO beautiful...

I mean, His hair like this just makes my eyes burn with passion baby.

That smile...

And then THESE eyebrows... I just, I can't do it..

All images via tumblr

Sunday, 26 May 2013


Seriously, when I watch films like Memoirs of a Geisha or even just anime such as The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars it just makes me want to live in a traditional Japanese Minka house. The ones with sliding paper doors and matted'n'wooden floors. I want all of the beautiful décor, mixed with more contemporary items like you see in the Summer War's house and all'a that vegetation in The Girl Who Leapt Through Time house. I want my house to be swamped by all the flora; trees - especially cherry blossoms, bushes and beds of flowers. With a stone path leading to my raised door and of course there will be plants inside too, lots of them, hanging, sitting... uh... lying? There's just something so open, breezy and welcoming about these houses, and every time I watch these features my heart skips a beat because of the house. I know, strange right.

Plants, yes.

Paper doors, yes.

All Images from Pinterest

Now Summer Wars:
Giant house, sure.

Wide space, mhmm.

Modern decor, yeah...

Now The Girl Who Leapt Through Time:

Yes. I mean look at that foliage.

Fucking Hell, I would like a slice of that...
(The best part is there is a house in my town which looks like this, and which I shall own someday...)

Image from Pinterest

And how could I forget. A Furin Wind Chime to complete the look - and sound of my house...

I mean... 
Yeah, I'll think about it...

Thursday, 23 May 2013

'Have you ever confused a dream with life?'

When I found this film in a charity shop I couldn't let it sit there, as you see I watched it about a month or so back, well I watched like an hour of it, and I was always intrigued about how it began. Not only an interesting insight into what psychiatric hospitals were like in the 60's, but also the first film I've seen Winona Ryder in and I must say, she was pretty powerful. I not only found the drained and dank look of Angelina Jolie quite frightening, but their use of upbeat music against really serious and distressing moments in the film was a really well thought out feature. That, and all of the frills and florals the girls wear. 

Also, Gerard Leto and a moustache, Um... Yes please.

Like I said, the music was real niace and I had to share: 


'Sup, I like this song:
I am lovin' clothes right now, and I have planned outfits for the next four days' escapades... Wew. 

Monday, 20 May 2013


Oh my Jesus I'm all teary eyed now after watching NANA. I always forget how sad the ending is and how empty it makes you feel. Why do I put myself through this, it's so sad! I'm going to cry, I feel the tears comin'....


Sunday, 19 May 2013

I Knitted A Country

So I've been knitting like a crazy old lady for the whole weekend. It's been amazing, and I've gotten so much better from my first little project to my lastest project. The first piece I made is actually very raw and rough looking, some how I kept increasing in stitches with this and I have no idea how. 

I knitted together this little head/neck scarf which was a spur of the moment idea whilst I was watching Made In Chelsea (I have no regrets telling you that...) and I hadn't knitted in ages, and I really did it to kind of have something to do instead of school work and as a little break thing. This took me ages to knit because I was so bad when I first started doing it, and the result wasn't amazing, however it was the first piece I've ever completed and I think it was right for me to make something small like a head scarf than before when I first started knitting two years ago where I was like 'Yeah 30ft scarf, amazing idea!'.

'Ent she cute? I decided to make some tassels and sew some bells on it to make it even more amazing. It reminds of Moroccon lanterns or Indian pillows, just lots of jiggly-tassly things, and yo should know I luff my tassels... 

The next thing I decided to make (and I think this was a genius idea), was a knitted scrunchie... I'll let that sink in for a bit...
I know! Ah-ma-zu-hing idea, the only sad thing is you can tell she's home made when you really look at her, mainly because I sewed her together when it was dark in my room, I have no clue why I did that, and also because i don't have any emerald green thread, so I'm going to have to get some of that for the near future. But for my second knitting task I think she went beautifully, I didn't drop or add any stitches and in the end she ended up lookin' real sweet on the hair band. So yay, another to add to the collection!

Since my hair is so thin I'm going to make a smaller one now, as it'll be easier for finer hair styles rather than giant ponytails which I do mostly with my scrunchies. However this one is just a gorgeous little thing. I love knitting.

White Wash//Modern

I went to town today to spend some quality time with me pa, and I finally picked up the new Vampire Weekend vinyl. Oh my god, I've been waiting for their new CD for, like, three years. My favourite song? Step is just so beautiful, and sounds even better on vinyl. I love it love it love it. The best thing is, apart from the vinyl being white (!), is it came with a CD as well, so I am a happy bunny. I haven't bought new music in so long, and my vinyl collection has been looking a little sad that no new family member has joined them in a while... since December actually, holy crap. 

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Freedom Las Vegas

Now this looks like the perfect Saturday to me, as well as watching one of my favourite anime series NANA, for a third time. Since I've finished all of my subject exams I can just relax for a second after a year of just working... So I'll show yo what I've made bit by bit, as I have a large list to go through, this is going to be fun...
How are you by the way?

Monday, 13 May 2013

It's Been Time

These are things I did three/two months ago as nothing else fun has happened since then.

These are my new friends George and ma bad boy Phillip.

Hannah with her chick


I now love goats.

In March I went to a Farm Park for my Friends' birthday. I Oficially want to have goats and rabbits in my house...

(He's single ladies (or gents))

Hannah Found her twin

And she busted out some rad moves 

Favourite photo of the month

Yeah, there was a party at a friends' house, so I went to that. It was quite funny and emotional at the same time. Still these are some of the funniest photos I own...

We discovered Kerry has a special talent...

Then my friend had a dinner party and cooked us some absolutely amazing food. I was very full from that fandango and seeing this picture makes me crave chicken...

So that happened. Now I'm just sitting, like I have been doing for the past month. It's almost over though...

Piece done by Amy Ross