Sunday, 22 January 2012

New Weekends


I don't usually like to promote things too much, however New Weekends is trying to boost up their amount of likes on facebook/ ASOS market place.  In hope to get 200 followers by the end of two weeks, they are hosting a pretty rad giveaway with a selection of prizes from jumpers to books.  Since I love their clothes they sell on ASOS here I am leaping at the chance to win one of their cool giveaway prizes!

Why should you follow New Weekends?  Well if you're a lover of vintage clothes at affordable prices like I am, you can't really go wrong.  Breton tops, waistocats, jackets, shoes, scarves you name it! It's a small comapny but a brilliant one!
Not only is their boutique filled with treasures from all era's but their facebook here is pretty unique in itself. It's not just a place for updates, but a beacon of inspiration from fashion to iconic figures.  They keep their posts simple and sweet.  Basically they're pretty fucking lush and they deserve to be heard out more often! So like their ASOS or Facebook page and get promoting, join in on the giveaway aswell and try and win one of their prizes! Get clickin' people, and comment below sayin' what you think of their boutique and facebook page, New Weekends awaits you!


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