Monday, 31 October 2011

Monday Rain

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Happy Halloween everyone! Have a splendid time running raucus out in the streets tonight, will be boltin' my door shut tonight so I can keep the candy! (I'm not American, it just sounds cool in that context.). So alot a shits been goin' down at school, lotsa revising, just thought have a little relaxation time before I crack open the books once again, this time it's for art! Life is fun, but I think of this oppertunity as a lovely moment for me to reflect on what I can and can't do right this moment, sure it's a pain in the ass, but when it comes to the real things, THEN I can reallllly panic, hopefully I'll get grades below my target grades this time around so I feel good about where I is headinnn'.

What is that noise outside?? I don't wanna open the windows incase they realise people are home tonight. (I am so cruel sometimes)... It's stoppped, I guess I can pretend it was a cat going 'oooo oo o oOOOOOooo o oooo!' Such a weird neighbourhood!

Thought give you guys some music to listen to, and hopefully (if I get photos, or not) I can tell you guys all about my time yesterday at the vintage fair I went to and stoof, it was amazing. However I have become increasingly lazy with documenting every second of my life, and to be frank I'm sure not everyone wants to know about what I do in my spare time... Or you do, I dunno!

Anyway, keep it cool, keep it jammin' and don't eat too much tonight (or drink). Oh and don't get preggers! (When I get kids that shall be a frequent line for when they're teens headin' off to parties!)

I don't knwo what to think of this song just yet, not much love for the intro, but it is a bit of a bangin' tune when they get to the bridge bit (well the little section inbetween of the first verse and the chorus!)


Quite a sweet song to be fair

Huge lover of Summer Camp and their new album!

Like'n this too! It has interesting moments in it

it rained today, and I got grass on my trainers


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Space is only noise

Playing with liight, self portrait, had my seconds done, my hair cut shorter and bought new trousers.
Revising all week (apart from said events above) it's getting to me, but only mocks!
Year 11, not fun


Sunday, 23 October 2011

We need to talk about Ezra Miller

Now I would travel to America to see this boy...
Contemplating going to see we need to talk about Kevin, thoughts??


Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Urban Outfitters £38

Homemade £2.23


I'm not really a watch person I can never buy the right ones, and when I do buy watches I never wear them, however I was always attracted to casio watches, the whole 80's look about them an'all!  So I've been umming and arrring about getting a proper metal casio for about a year and on ebay it's super cheap to buy them for about twenty-quid! And this time around since I've been selling lots of clothes I got some paypal money and thought I'll buy one now since I do want one. Then I saw these faces and I ummed and arred aboutt hem too, but I just put them on my watchlist and they were ending in about a day and a half so I thought it was worth it and I had the idea of putting lace through them. And I remembered that Urban Outfitters Were selling these Casio watches so I was just compairing the prices and that's when I saw the watch (top) that was looped through a friendship bracelet. It hit me. Not the watch, the idea.  I had a spare friendship bracelet free from another package ordered from ebay, the seller was kind enough to send them to every customer with their purchases! AND I WAS JUST LIKE FOOOCKIN' YES!!!!! So I placed a bid for these two watch heads, won the bid at 2.23 and shaaazaaam they arrived today!! They're so cute and amazing, and I threaded the friendship bracelet through and it makes it look soo good!! And they're in full working condition, so my summery to this rannt is, USE YOUR CREATIVITY PEOPLE! CHEAP CAN BE THE ANSWER! Think outside the box and do something amazing. I did and I just saved thirty-five-pounds and seventy-seven pence!  All through the fact that I bought something tat required a little ditty bit of effort.  Don't pay these ridiculous prices on the highstreet stores sometimes, use your imagination and be inspired to do something by yourself! I'm not saying DON'T buy from these shops, I mean I do, I'm currently placing an order for some Topshop trousers right now, if they were on ebay I would buy them, cheaper ya'seee, but things like that, when an oppertunity arises like that GET A GOOFNBAY ACCOUNT, PUT A SWIPE ON, AND SAVE SOME MOOONEEEY!!!  It just got me realising is all, I know that the Urban Outfitters one has a buckle and may look a little nicer, but we're in a recession right now! Save some money and get your asses on ebay guuyysss, it'll make you happy (sometimes)!


Monday, 17 October 2011

Bop it like Baby Bang

Just what?? How aswell, I mean at first I was thinking it's no big deal, but I gues its not about the speed it's just every detail of him body is so smooth, and amazing! TALENT!  I was hoping when he took his jacket off it would fail.... But no, perfect in every way!!  Nice maan, seriously nice!


Saturday, 15 October 2011

Fielding always wanted to be a painter. He didn't get "sidetracked into comedy" until he was studying fine art at Croydon Art College, and had to create a performance piece based on a book. He chose the Bible. The piece began with Fielding hanging from a crucifix, and suitably sombre music playing. Then he leapt off the cross to "Jumpin' Jack Flash" and squirted holy water at his fellow students from a water pistol. "Everyone thought it was the funniest thing ever," he says, with chirpy honesty rather than arrogance, "so I thought maybe I should do some stand-up. I did my first three gigs in character as Jesus, because I didn't know whether I'd be funny as Noel. Then I thought, 'Jesus is a pretty powerful character, how am I going to follow that?'"

So much love for this man


Wednesday, 12 October 2011


A little snippet of my Bedroom.
I wish it came out in a bit of a better quality, but this is ma first homemade video on here, so be proud of me, and I nly have a little digi camera, so the focus is shiiiitttt, also my movie editing software is shiiiiittt, got any recomendations so I can make me videos sharper and deeepperr?? Yes, no, maybe?? Cheeerrs for watching, I hope you liked it, and next time I'll be sure to make it better!


Skinny legs

How can someone's legs be so naturally skinny?! It's unbelievable, I do wish I had doh legs like that!


Tuesday, 11 October 2011


My fringe needs cutting again, so does my hair it looks like shit right now!


Thursday, 6 October 2011

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Slow magic

I do love music like this! Alot of soul, and sincerity.
The Slow magic remix is so beautiful aswell, I may even prefer the remix more....


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Still life

Such a lush song, and the style radiating from those boys, is just amazing, nice big hair, skinny legs, winkle pickers and a white shirt/black! Simplistic yet soo stylish, just lovely, and it really works with the light sources in the video and linear overlaps (if that makes sense!), very arty and lucid, I am in awe of this song at the moment, I should buy their album.


Sunday, 2 October 2011

Bootin' it

Luckily I have lots of things to write about at the moment, I guess weekends give you that option eh? So today I went to the ever famous carboot sale, where most of my room's clutter is from! But I mean come on! the best thing I've ever bought is a beautiful Bureau, that only cost me £18 and is in a great nack!

Anyway, today I thought I'd show you the little bits I got, total cost of: £8.50, not too shabby:


This really sweet cabinet, that cost me £2, from a very cowardly husband-man, fearing of what his wife would say when we escaped with this for only a coupl'a'quid!  However It looks so wonderful ontop of my bureau, and it makes me feel like I could put little potions on it or something with that kind of aura!

These four wonderfully charming perfume bottles which all match each other! the first three were £1.50 each and the black one was 50p, but my mama and I bargined the woman down to £4 for all, there were so many around the booty, but I have no more surface space to put them, but oh how handsome they are on my little cabinet! 

This was definately one of my favourites, the little accordian for only £1.50! Full working condition and everything! And amazingly my dad took a liking to it aswell which is so unusual, because he always moans and groans whenever my mama and I make our weekly trip down to the booty!  It was cute seeing him play with it though!

I'm not a huge bracelet wearer, mainly because I can never find some nice ones, but these car boot sales have proved to be gloious for these types of things, and for only a £1 I couldn't resist, I have no idea what the writing says on the bracelet! And I know it's not silver, but it looks pretty.

In other news, I had my schools annual sponsered walk, and considering that I am now in Y11 of school, this would most probably be my last sponsered walk ever, so I decided to dress up with my friends. And because my friend and I a couple of years ago decided to make these clown costumes, I decided what the hell! I'll wear this! The make up went well, and even though I was dying in my velvet leggings up the hills, it was a funny day, and all the little kids were pretty syked when I loomed out of my drama room from first period!

Plus a couple of weeks ago at the same car boot sale I bought this amazing t-shirt for a £1! It is most certainly one of my favourites in the wardrobe! not only because it's stripey but Mickey is pereing through it on the front  AND  the back! HOW AMAZING! I think the woman who sold it to me obviously got it free, because it has Fanta's old logo on it. OH HOW I LOVE IT!!!! And my size, just meant to be -.-! 

I should do more bootin' it posts, I know I've done one or two already, but I think it's quite nice showing y'all, because usually nobody notices the new things I buy, so hooorray! Talk later ya? 

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Yegor Zaitsev

Using intricate shapes to resemble wilting petals and a colour range from pastels to bolds, Russian Fashion designer Yegor Zaitsev has ceased to amaze me with the gargle that has spewed from his designing office. Taking organic shapes from nature he continues backstage with a numerous amount of entertaining outfits, including one that very much resemblesa colourful cockroach.  Using these dynamic shapes inspires the idea of sculptural clothing and how 3D art and fashion once again can live in harmony.  No these designers aren't what is coming up for this next season, but you can never acknowledge too late now! Textiles coursework can lead you to the most intreging humans. I (for one) most certainly do not want to be at the shows when women in snail shells deshevel from backstage.


Piece done by Amy Ross