Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Hey Claudia where have you been for over a week? Well my dear follower I regret to inform you that I fell into a dust covered lamp where a pyschedelic jesus led me to a land with flowers and vines and dead trees and told me to find the magic bird cage which held boundless possabilities. When I found the sold gold cage, ornately decorated with images of fawns and small frogs, I gave it to Jesus. He was so happy he took me to a heavily embellished room made from cotton velvet which had no soundscape, and we sat in silence for the remainder of the week eating mushroom curry and drinking cordiel. It was pretty magical...

I don't know really I've just been up to much recently. I just wanted to post this video of Grimes really because it is my favourite song of hers and the live version is actually surreal! I seriously could just listen to that on a loop for a good forty minutes:

Saturday, 20 October 2012


There is some bloody good music out in the world, and luckily for me I work in one of the most contemporary places this town has got! My boss is incredible and has insane music taste. Zodiac is one of my newest crazes right now, them and Sun Airway. Both absolutely beautiful artists and as soon as I finished work I bought their traccckkss. I'm going to have an amazing week of breaking their music in on my pod:

And even though it's a gentleman's mag, I bought Dapper Dan aswell as it is just so wonderfully constructed this issue, for a little bit'o'evening reading after I do some work. If I ever get round to doing work that is...

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Experimenting with photoshop and sunflowers. My new art project for the month has inspired me to photograph the results of my dried up sunflowers and have a fool about with the colouring. I decided to stick with very gaudy and saturated colours as I felt they just looked so much more interesting than neuted tones.

Saturday, 13 October 2012



Swim Deep Basist and Guitarist

The Struts

Swim Deep

Swim Deep lead singer. I waited so long for that photo!

So this was from a couple of weeks ago now as the Underground Festival in Gloucester Guildhall. It was a pretty solid day and I really had a laugh with my chums!  I also can't wait for Swim Deep's new single Honey to be released in a few weeks time.

I love these lads...

Thursday, 11 October 2012


I have found yet another reason why to keep on buying Doc Martens... here it is, The Aggy strap, and oh holy Jesus (sorry to use the name in vein) are they just incredible! A lovely take on the vivienne westwood three strap shoes I was after a few months ago, however these are more robust and masculine looking. At first I was drawn to the typical black ones, however the deep burgandy beauts just hit the spot bang on and, well, I want them! Maybe a Christmas present split from all of my aunties and uncles, I know I already have five pairs of Docs, but I mean really, look at them! They are just incredibly beautiful in every shape and form. I don't really suit boots that well due to my short and shapely legs, however with these I feel I would have nothing to worry about... As they are just 'Da bomb'


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Your King, My Freedom


I think friendship is one of the most important things sometimes in life. I know I wrote about being quite alone sometimes. However with the close friends I do have, I love them to pieces. It's true that you should always put your 'chicks before dicks', 'cause your (or in my case) girlfriends do come before boys, as boys come and go but you want your ladies to stay with you.  It's such a shame to lose friends, and it's even worse when you can't admit to something you know has hurt someone else. Through past experiences I'm trying to avoid that from happening, I've been so disappointed in the past from people who may have not done something significantly wrong, however have not considered how people feel about a certain situation. That's why, when you can feel tension and you may know why, you should apologise for any part taking you inputted in whatever could have affected your friend.

I'm going to wrap up this personal and confusing post with a song I have recently grown fond of from Moonrise Kingdom as I think it's truely beautiful and I feel it sets a lovely tone to this post today.

Sunday, 7 October 2012


Just got myself a pack of five new small scrunchies and I realised how much I adore them. My lovely velvet ones are my hair's best friend, they just look so damn cute and give your hair an extra edge,  and although great I did need some small ones for finer hair styles. Unfortunately they don't sell them in velvet but I'm cool with these funky ditty satin beauts.  I've also been noticing that when I look at hair accessories now in shops I tend to look at the little girl's range, they're just so lucky with their gingham print grips and floral hair bands.  I don't want to go back to being six, but I do think I'll take some elements from my youth and mix it up! However for now I am very chuffed with my lovely scrunchies and I'm thinking about which one I should wear to school tomorrow...

Saturday, 6 October 2012

This Is What I Look Like When I Socialise

Yes, yes, that is a moustache.

My favourite photo of the month.

Isaac got poon.

My disfunctional group of chums.
Another photo heavy post coming to you soon.

Thursday, 4 October 2012


I finally bought the latest Wes Anderson film Moonrise Kingdom which I absolutely loved watching at the cinema. I find that with alot of Anderson's films he really goes that extra mile to make them supremely quirky and vivid to watch. Each film is tinted with a retro glow and really appeal to me aesthetically.  It's a shame he didn't direct the new film which I am itching to see, an adaptation from the book, The Perks Of Being a Wallflower. Even the name sends little shivers down my spine as I really rate the novel! I am worried though that the film will ruin the high expectations the book has set, however I think I'll be too fixated on Ezra Miller to even notice the faults at first. I can't wait to settle and watch Moonrise, however, 'cause I love it so much, I think I'll make it a reward after completing the mountain of coursework and essay writing that has been set for me this week...

Piece done by Amy Ross