Monday, 22 July 2013

The House of Pandora//Interior

I don't know if  y'all have realised it yet, but I absolutely adore interiors. I am so inspired by how people style their spaces and what makes them feel comfortable when in their own environment. For me I see my room as a little sanctuary where I can sit and think and read and create. This corner in particular is a special area for me to nestle into when I feel sad or content, it's the perfect spot at the foot of my bed. I'm not sure entirely when I became so interested in interiors and began accumulating objects for my room, it just seemed to happen. I can't wait to have my own flat and fill it with all the items I love, such as plants and prints and bottles and general 'tat' (as some may call it). Until then I have this small nook in the entirety of my house to keep me satisfied.
I've also recently re-listened to Julianna Barwick's LP The Magic Place and have forgotten how beautiful it is. Enjoy the day everyone.  

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


'Sup ma girls (and bros), I have returned after a lot of sleep and detoxing from my insane weekend at 2000 Trees festival 2013. Oh my G was it cray, I must admit mama did go a little overboard with her alcohol consumption, however that's ok because she (meaning I) was not sick at all throughout the entire weekend. Besides seeing some absolutely incredible bands (that include Stealing Sheep, The Physics House Band, The Cadbury Sisters, Bear Cavalry, Kitten and Bear e.t.c.) I got to be with my chums all weekend in the heat of the sun. I have so many photos to share with you from my times there, let's delve into the chaos that was my life for three days:

Us all bein' rate cool on Saturday whilst waiting for Stornaway to come on (who were also incredible)

Taking the mick out of dem females who take themselves all to seriously 

Lovin' dem tunes 

Tom doing his grumpy 'meme' face

Josh with the facial hair he spent all weekend growing...

Stealing Sheep (the best of the best there)

He wasn't happy when someone shaved it off...

Then I met a fellow Sheep when they did a parade outside the tent, exciting fan girl moment for me.

Ma boys chillin'

Silent discoin' it

Decided to wash their hair right in the middle of our community ring...

Dem Boyz

Chillin' at camp Gur-hoiyal (girl)

Painted David Bowie's famous third eye on my forehead and some moons and stars on Ellie's face

Only bit of shade which we could find

The broken chair we all still sat in...

Dem Girlz

Nappin' before our quest for music began that day

Yeah, it was nice to be with everyone and looking back on it, it really was a fun weekend. I can't wait for Trees 2014.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Yay, it's still hot and sunny and I is lovin' every moment of it. I have spent a little time of this evening packing all my bits and pieces ready for the weekend coming up. I am so excited to groove it out! Letting that excitement mature on the side, I really just wanted to post some loveleh photos of my chillin' day in my friend Kerry's garden. Not only was it an insane weather wise, it was also incredibly lush to sit and talk in Kerry's Wonderland of a garden. It may not be the biggest garden, but it sure is an adventurous one with miniatures of  all the features you would expect in a pretty large space. Anyway, I'm going to do a little cleanin' and readin' before I retire for the day (ooh I sound so old!).

Monday, 8 July 2013

It's That Simple

Hi there. Now that the Summer, and the holidays, are finally here I am fully taking advantage of the gorgeous, bright, sun-fueled days by spending a lot of my time outdoors. There's something so simply satisfying about the Summer, maybe it's the just the sun and the wonderful feeling it gives you when you're basking in it's light or maybe it's just the fact that all the wonderful fruits and vegetables are in season and you find yourself gorging on piles of kaleidoscopic salads almost everyday. I have definitely been practicing the latter, I just love fruit in this season and have become ever so slightly obsessed with smoothies recently (well, ever since I found out how our blender worked...).

Now, you all know I just love detail and layering when it comes to my clothes, heck I show you all enough! However in the summer I relish in the fact that it's too hot to layer up and I end up dressing a lot more simply. Don't worry a few cheeky patterns get thrown in the mixture as well, but I mainly stick to white shirts/blouses and cotton shorts/dungarees. I've recently accumulated a few items which I think are just some of the most perfect things for summer and which I will be turning to when the weather get's a little fierce. One being a wonderfully breezy white shirt from Hobbs and another being a FCUK silk blouse in a fantastic shade of 60s-mustard-yellow, not only is the fabric super light, but the warm hue is just so complimentory that I think anyone of any skin tone could wear it.

I think I'll clear up my room a little, pick up some food and so forth in town then spend the rest of my day in my garden drinking iced water and doing my Textiles summer work. Oh so heavenly! I hope you all enjoy this sporadic turn of the weather and keep yourselves safe from sun burn...

...And in the words of The Kinks,thank you for the days:

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Readin' // Novel

Since starting Sixth form my 'pleasure reading' has been limited so much that I've ended up not really reading a proper novel for the whole year almost. The only books I read were all for my English course, anything outside of that was usually a manga comic or magazine of some description. However with this year finally coming to a close this week I have decided to delve back into reading over this summer with a hardcore list of books! There are also various magazines which I need to catch up on and my David Bowie books, however they will have to come second as I am determined to read at least every book you see before you (I say at least as there are quite a few there and so if it ends up that I don't finish reading one of them by the end of the holidays well I won't be too disappointed with myself...)
Now I know you might worry that having so many books will ruin the joy of reading at a leisurely pace, however I'm pretty sure I can handle it, and I'm sure I'll realize if I'm going a bit crazy when it's three in the morning and I'm tearing up because I haven't reached my book 'deadline'.
I'm already a little ahead of myself as I have finished both The Help and Memoirs of a Geisha which were both absolutely excellent and I recommend the novels as well as the films. Also because I loved Memoirs of a Geisha so much I decided to buy many other books relating to Geisha as they are so fascinating!

So wish me luck and recommend me any other books you think I might like and here's a list of all the books in case you want to have a sneaky peaky at them too:
  • The Help - Kathryn Stockett
  • Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden 
  • Chinese Cinderella - Adeline Yen Mah
  • Geisha of Gion - Mineko Iwasaki 
  • Audrey: Her Real Story - Alexander Walker 
  • Geisha - Liza Dalby 
  • Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
  • Geisha: The Secret History of a Vanishing World 

Piece done by Amy Ross