Sunday, 30 January 2011

Great song for summer, quater to five and
I can see the sky! That's rare.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Austin Powers, oh ya.

Every time I go to the bathroom it really scares me when I put the light on because every time I do, there's a little fan that goes RRRRRRRRR really loudly, it kind of sounds like someones violently and excitedly sharpening some really massive pencils (take that as you will), and it scares the crap out of me because I want to be able to have a bath in silence  not having to listen to a voilent fan doing its thing!!!

But our bathroom is breaking down so hey! I'm so happy today because I went into town since I needed to buy a little pressie for my friends birthday and earlier on if we skip back to christmas I recieved a voucher for topshop from my mums closest friend, now you know how I said before how I don't like buying everything from topshop, well this is different because I have a voucher and It's worth having a look in the sale, so when I went into the shop for a little browsey my mum mentioned I needed a nice coat for the rest of this winter and beggining of spring (I'm not one for coats that much) but I stumbled across a real little beauty and it was so adorable and quite me I had to buy it so I spent half of my voucher on my gorgeous little coat and left the other half for another time! And I was also shocked to see that the coat was over half price as it had a little scratch over the  £85 and instead said £40, so I was just thinking YES, I DON'T CARE WHO ELSE HAS THIS COAT BECAUSE I'M GETTING IT ANYWAY!!!!!!

Now you might be wondering why I called this post Austin powers,oh ya. (Or not depends how much you love my titles *wink wink*) when I got home there was a little parsel wainting on the stairs for me and I knew what it was but I never thought they'd look so good, it was a pair of gorgeous john Lenon round glasses that I had purchased off of ebay a couple of days ago and I thought I looked kind of cool:

But that's not the best part....

Chica-Chica- aaah! Yes! they have double lenses, I mean come on you've got to admit that is, and I mean that is pretty splended, is it not?? So yes today was a fantastidoodle day, I hope everyones well also, it's begining to snow again, all the more reason to wear ma new coat eh? I love you guys xox you're like my other little family, nawwh.

I really need the toilet.....

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Sweet Disposition of the soul

Yes Lads! (and ladettes) I've been on an ultra music binge for about two weeks solid, and it feels amazing, newest addition to my pod, is sweet disposition by temper trap, it is a wonderful song. I can sense it was sung from the soul not the money and it's so inspirartional, thank you to centerparcs for having it as there theme tune on there adverts and to my sister and her friend for singing in the car! YAY!

P.s Chicken was very good.

Dear Juan, stop stealing all my biro's from my pencilcase

 Hiya everyone, I'm sorry about posting just photo posts for a long time, but you know the saying one photo says a thousand words, well you were in for alot of reading. I really wanted to talk about an artist that I've come to know a few months ago, his name is Juan Francisco Casas who is a Spanish artist that recreates pictures taken on a camera either using oil paints or a bic biro pen, I remember when I stumbled across him on a website that was promoting silly adverts and ridiculous inventions and the recommendation of the day was 'Bic biro art' at first I thought it was just pictures taken with a canon camera, but then I realised that someone had drawn them and They're just so unbelievable that they came from one humans hands the other thing that threw me was the size of them! They aren't just A3 size, they're litrally A1/2 or however much bigger you could get, compared to an average canvas size.

I think the thing that drew me to his drawings was they weren't like alot of art that just showed the beauty of natural life or a feminine physique, it's alot of mucking about, everday life captures, that you could only witness in a couple of seconds and yet he's managed to make these memories better, however I do find some of his images very erotic with alot of un-clothed women and insane facial features. But he's just grand!

I must buzz now,my sisters just arrived with her buddy friend! We're gonna go catch some chicken, bye!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

You've got to love yourself a bit of luna activity

Monday, 17 January 2011

I'm still your fag

Hello, do you remember yesterday I wrote a small little one liner blog about those songs that can make you feel a little emotional, well I was listening to this song last night which gave me the little thought to just proclaim it to my lovely little family of followers!

I still get this small lump in my throat when I hear it, because you hear alot of love ballards which are all bubble gum pop and PG appropriate, and when I stumbled across this band on one of my friends on face book I thought I'd see what other songs they had, and I'm like the next person on looking at new bands really I just typed in their name on youtube and clicked on what sounded good. But oh what a click it was, even watching the video is wonderful, because I just found it wasn't you standerd girl on boy romance it was this romance between to opposites of the same sex, it just made me whell up all inside it did, it was this raw conecction between the two characters and the lyrics don't involve any of those sicky, guuky (really appropriate english language used in this!) lyrics you know they're just saying to sell their songs.Instead they've been replaced but dirty yet beautiful, meaningful words and if you have the time to look at them do, because they stick so well with the video.

I'm happy also because all weekend I've been expanding my music library on itunes and trying out new bands, sounds and I quite love the music I have right now, I feel it suits my personality more that before. Because I'd just put on what I thought other people would find was 'good taste in music' and pretend I was in love with grunge metal like iron maiden and slipknot, but after a while I was just thinking, ugh, no!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Narnia would be my heaven

Forget Aslann and his crappy little wardrobe, this is my Narnia!

Thursday, 13 January 2011


Hello my lovely's, are you all feeling okay? I must say the weather has warmed up a little, which makes me happy to sit at home with no radiator on! Sadly though last night my tummy was a bit funny and I ended up...uhh...visiting the sicky bucket, which wasn't very fun!  So today I'm just going to stay home and make sure I don't eat anything to rich, however I was able to have a piece of toast and marmite and I seemed to be ok. I seem to be able to handle dry foods, which is good news, meaning I won't have to starve today.

I think I'm gonna go a make myself a cuppa, I hope we have
bourbon bicuits. Lots of love.

Monday, 10 January 2011

We are all so filthy but yet so glamorous.

(I don't like smoking and never will, but I think a cigarette can suit a person's personality and hand)

What a windy welcome to the month

The wind was mind blowing today, It gave a lovely back comb feeling to my hair it made me look really lovely! I've just finished watching breakfast at tiffinies, and chaned things around on my blog, I'm sorry if you liked how is was before, but I think change is always a good thing! I love BAT, it's a lovely romantic film expecially as yesterday I finally got my Audry Hepburn calender up, it was like a warm welcome to January.  My art coursework has calmed down, so I think tonight I'll focus more on getting my Russian done, and maybe squeeze a little bit of drama in too.

Good news too, my sim just had a little baby girl! She's aboslutely darling!


Sunday, 9 January 2011

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Contemplating the universe (oh god)

Never start to read about the universe at 11 o'clock, you'll find yourself in a loop hole (which ia apperently what our universe is shaped like nowa days) I want to travel yes. But I want to travel to those different galexy's see what all these other life forms have that we don't, see how they live, see how small or tall they are, can they breath? How do they reproduce?

And then when I am done with those galexies iI'll take a little trip to a black hole interview him/her/both about what's inside? When it gobbles up things, where do they go? I'm sure the black isn't so greedy that it needs millions of stars, rubble and planets for billions of light years to satisfy its needs for the day so the next it starts the cycle all over again?

I'll then travel to a star, what's this made of, why did we humans give it an imaginary name? What was the satisfaction in call it the purtunia star (for example)? Why is it travelling across the universes, Is it late for going somewhere?

Afterwards, I'll begin to look at worm holes, do they take you to other dimensions? Are able to help you see what you're doing in five seconds time? And plus is there such thing as a parrellel world? They must be if us daft mammels came up with the ridiculous idea!

And I'm sure after I visit these galexy's and gather some information on my jotter pad with a bic biro, I can go on to breaking through our universe we live so pea sized in and travel to our neighbours who are over 12 billion light years away. When I go there and I find planets what will the temperature situations be over there, is it too late, was I a couple of billion years late as all the planets seem to be on fire and suddenly a black hole scoops up the lot? I mean what the fuck is out there? No amount of books, internet, and scientists are going to answer my questions, because I will never be satisfied with their baboon answer, becasue as soon as a sentance comes out, I'll begin to question their daft knowledge, and then move onto why, WHY, WHYYY!? Forget your bloomin' evolution,I'm talking about the future, yes hay-ho we live in our tiny atom sized planet nicely tucked in the corner of the universe, but say you break free of that universe, what's there?
Is it white space? Or more? (I holy shittin' hope not!)

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The film of a god

the best of 35

I got my film developed finally, and these were my favie's within the lot, even though the film I had used was a slow proccessing one the photo's really weren't so terrible! The best I think is the second one above, they were some tea lights and the picture came out better than expected. My old Zenit is undoubtably the lovelyest little camera for its time (good boy!).  I was going to talk about something else today, but the simple answer is I didn't know how... haha!

I hope you're all feeling up to date and fit as a fiddle, I finally finished my art coursework! And I was smiling from ear to ear when I looked at my achievements.


Piece done by Amy Ross