Thursday, 31 January 2013

Le monde

A Japanese girl who lives in Paris... Lush. Howdy, nothing much to report, just doing some bits and bobs at home and listening to a couple of Kumisolo songs. Just watched the fourth (i think) episode of Utopia, it's pretty good. It's vivid colours and exreme violence reminds me of Kickass and looks a lot like a comic book. Especially the character of Jessica Hyde, boy that girl is intense.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Sunday, 27 January 2013

When You Hear Me Darlin'

Yay! ABBA Sunday! S.O.S would have to be my favourite ABBA song, along with Dancing Queen being my childhood ABBA song which we had programmed into an electric keyboard  at my Grannies. I've become obsessive over them a little, and it got even better when I found their greatest hits vinyl in a charity shop for £1, so I helped myself to that. A lot better than spending £10 on it in other places, sorry independent shops.
Along with ABBA I have been loving 80s films so so much, almost too much, I actually think I am turning into my mum sometimes...
Anyway, enjoy your Sundays everyone, I shall enjoy mine. Making shoes today...

Saturday, 26 January 2013


Even though it's all gone now, my friend and I enjoyed the snow last week.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Sex, Life, Healing, Nature, Magic // The Beginning

Could be labelled as my favourite film. Beginners is just the basics of love, a topic I am most intrigued by. Not only is the film aesthetically beautiful and simple, the soundtrack is almost perfection! Filled with piano and jazz, two of my favourable genres of music, (alongside ambient, dance/electronica and indie). It also has a strong memory alongside it. One of the sun, the smell of fresh air and exams, this film helped me persevere through the last couple of my examinations which I am pretty thankful for.
Although slightly thoughtful and a little melancholy this film really is just wonderful, portraying love in the most painful and satisfying of ways. The transition of the 'honeymoon' phase to the more serious phase, areas which I have never crossed before... Which kind of makes sense as I am only young.
Ewan McGregor being one of my favourite actors was really the weight which pulled me into watching it in the first place, however I also found Mélanie Laurent a wonderful actress as well, and I think it's only right that he fall for a gorgeous French woman. Incredibly simple and heart breaking, Beginners is definately one to stay on my 'special film shelf'.   


Friday, 18 January 2013


Today is an amazing day to listen to french music and do work. The snow is inches thick and I am all snuggled in bed thanks to school being closed! I'm pretty estatic that I have a day off. Woop long weekend. The only bugger is I don't have 500 Days of Summer to watch, which is what I've been craving for the past fortnight or so, which is where this beautiful song comes from. Ho-well, the best I can do is fill my day up with the music. I can't wait to have some hot chocolate and where my fluffy socks. I'm not sure if I want to venture out or not today, I'll just take it in strides and see how I feel. As it's not just the cold that gets me, it's the wet that seems to just loove my ankles...

It was around about this time last year that I went to my friend's house, and we sat in her room by the window looking at the snow glisten in the moonlight. It looked a little artificial though because of the hurrendous street lamps, however still was inviting. It was fun being so naive last year, and I guess this year as I haven't grown up that much throughout, which is a ditty bit crummy. Anyway, I'll let you all have a lovely snow day, I'm going to fuel myself up ready for the day!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

I want a bed buddy.
I think I'm going to study 4.48 Psychosis for my duologue.
I need to re-do my pattern for my textiles.
I need to finish my courseowork off for Drama.
I need to finish my art piece.
I need finish reading my book for English.
I need to do my English homework.
I want to read manga right now.
I want to meet new people.
I want to have money.
I want to feel productive.
I want to buy new music.
I want to buy more films.
I wish I had dyed hair.
I wish I was more Asian.
I wish I was more stable.
I wish I had less work.
I wish I knew what's going on right now...

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Sad stressful times, January is really a wonderfully stressful month. The due date for bottomless pits of coursework, the month where everything is amazingly heavy and the time when days are grey because of exams. I luckily don't have any exams on top of all of my worries, however I do have tons of coursework due on the 31st which leaves me in a very big frantic panic (aswell as an extremely bad back as I seem to hall the wieght of twins babies to and from school everyday at the moment!), will this suffering never end! I think I should stop being so dramatic as that's not helping anyone. A nice way to just take things slowly is some chill-out music, especially TOPS and Swim Deep, the babes of tranquilicity:


Friday, 4 January 2013

Oh, Hi

Do you ever get that feeling where you're going to run into someone you're either avoiding or desperate to see whenever you step foot outside? I get that all the time.

I would go for cycle rides and be cautious that someone I knew who I wasn't ready to see would cross the road at that god for saken moment when the lights turn red, or perhaps when I'm in town locking up my bike and theirs happens to be the one next to mine. These things have never happened to me however, because I over exagerate to the point where my fear is driven into the gorund along with my sanity. I even start to walk differently (if I'm walking), I try and look cool by bobbing my body up and down and looking as if the world was my enemy, just so that when we do finally bump into eachother they'll think that I'm amazingly cool and obviously a deep thinker, just because I do a Gordan Ramsey impression with my foredhead. Then I realise there's no point, because let's face it who's is going to be walking around at like eight in the morning?

Another thing I tend to do is avoid places for a while, mainly places where they have some kind of significant meaning to me and those people who give me crows feet at the corners of my eyes. It's a shame because those places use to be ours, now when I go there it feels as if I'm walking onto their territory, like they decided this land was theirs and peed all over it. It's not as if they will be there everyday until the day they die, it's just that fear that they will be that gets to me.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

'S Wonderful

Spoiler alert! - I shall be revealing many important aspects of the movie, if you haven't seen it yet and still mean to then maybe you should refrain from reading this post.
Another favourite of mine amongst many of the Audrey Hepburn collection. I must say her qualities shone out in this movie, not just because she's a fantastic actress, but also because of her beautifully fun personality. I must say that from her first appearence I knew I was going to enjoy this movie... Actually it occured in the opening scene, where the reception hall was stunningly bright with a curved wall filled with vividly painted doors, amazing composition! So let me re-phrase that, I knew she was going to be brilliant from her first appearence. I think this is my favourite film which she stars in so far, mainly because of her intelligent and plain character. In others she plays a princess, a hostess or a crime solving widower, however her amateur-philosipher-to-aspiring-model role was by far my all time favourite, because she was normal. It was also the film with my favourite scene of all time - the fantastically obscene experimental dance. This was the moment in the whole movie where her personality was most obvious, not only that as you could see that she really was having a spledid time, and that this role was clearly Audrey.

I think the fact the whole cafe is completely oblivious to her outburst of Expressionism adds to the halarity and love which I have for this scene.
Not only does she play a fun and intelligent character, she also gets to parade around in graceful dresses all week long. Although I absolutely love the turtle-neck and slack-pant combo I must say that the wedding dress is just outstanding!

Plus it's one of the few musicals where I love practically every song, especially these:


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Praise You

Happy New Years!

Once again, a lovely collection of my friends and I celebrating New Years in... style? My friend Lydia was gracious enought to have the girls round for a little New Years party/gathering/mix-up which went from sophisticated to damn right raucous, I do feel bad for her neighbours if they were home. 2012 was a groovy year aswell as emotional, I finally completed my compulsory education, I moved onto sixth form, I made new friends, and I just changed in general I guess. There were so many new things which I was introduced to, and so many laughs thanks to 2012. Also the one big thing, which I think we can all relate to, is the fact that there was no Zombie apocolyspe. Praise the Lord for the privilege of life.
Here are just some memories from 2012:


Overall it was quite an enriching year, a time when I hated, loved and questioned myself. Now I can enter the new year with an inquisitive head and slightly disfunctional possy.

Piece done by Amy Ross