Thursday, 9 December 2010

Twiggy Lawson

Sorry I missed a day but I'm sure you didn't notice any difference! I decided today would be a lazy day as I really wasn't sure on what to write about, so I thought I'd just have a little discussion about someone whom I look upto in the fashion industry (If at any point you loose interest please exit through the door on your right). As you might have gathered I love the 60's, I think it's the best era for anything, music, standing up for what you believe, first time adveturing beyond the world, free love, and ofcourse style. One of which was brought upon by a girl named Twiggy (Real name: Lesley Hornby).

In the 60's she was most famous for her modeling, when I saw some of her photos earlier on this year, I fell in love with her innocent baby look and her big eyes framed with long eyelashes, I think she's so beautiful and I wish I knew more about her, but from what I do know I think she was such an iconic figure for the 60's! If one photo says 1000 words then I guess I don't need to explain anymore.
I also think I'm coming down with something, which is horrible because I just got rid of my last cold, I think they should close down the school so no-one else comes down with the black plague!

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