Monday, 6 December 2010

Pizza, snow and flickr adventures!

Om nom, went for a lovely pizza with my aunty and her brother today, we had a wonderful time sitting in pizza hut for two hours chomping on slices of meat feast and hawaiin pizza!  She also got a little excited when she found out that there was an icecream factory upstairs and got herself a massive bowl overflowing with what she calls 'the whippy' icecream, it was funny when she decided to drop a poor jelly baby into her glass of wine, but a bit nutty.

When we came out of pizza hut it began to snow really faintly, very fine crystals were delacately falling onto the prominade and over the christmas lights that were hanging from tree to tree, if I had my camera I would've tried to get a couple of snaps for you, but sadly I don't plan beautiful things to happen at the most incovinient of time.

Ooh! And when I got home I was re-searching a book called the Polaroid book on urban outfitters which has a bunch of really lovely iconic polaroid pictures taken by different photographers and came across some amazing flickr pictures that were voted most interesting of the year, and some were soo beautiful! I seriously mean they were gorgeous I was gobsmacked at some, and since on flickr you aren't really allowed to copy the picture I prin screened a couple because I found them so adorable, I will put the different names of the photographers at the bottom though!

I absolutely adore the polaroid ones at the top, I could just look at them for hours! Planning on collecting alot more polaroids, they're just adorable!

The tropical paradise picture I thought was just really gorgeous looking and made me forget about the massive freeze Britain is under right now!

Don't even get me started on this pillow one, it makes me so happy when I see it I can't wait to grow up and have a boyfriend where I can randomly hit him with soft objects and he won't mind!

Before I forget here are the amazing photographers who need to be taken credit for these fantastic photos, I'm sorry that it's print screen so you may not be able to copy the names (if you are a lazy person who cannot be bothered to type them out like me)

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