Saturday, 11 December 2010

Doc's,gingerbread late's and plastic beache's

I'm really getting in the mood of this lovely winter weather as we break that 5 degree's bareerer, How is everyone today? Good? I finally have done most of my christmas shopping, was tremedous fun! found a gorgeous book in waterstones with 100 pictures of Audry Hepburn inside, was just a magnificent piece of art! I was rather happy to sit outside for a change! cause for once my costa coffee was nice a warm and the outside wasn't as unbearable as I thought it would be. My friend Daisy told me I should try out the  Gingerbread late's and I'm so glad I took her advice, they're absolutely fantastic!

I was also a bit naughty aswell today 'cause not only did  I buy christmas presents, I bought myself a little something, but it was worth it as I am listening to it at the moment, It's a lovely CD by blurs Damon Albarn's experimental cartoon band the Gorillaz, called Plastic Beach. My favourite song is "On Melancholy Hill" It's such a lovely little tune. So in a way I don't regret buying it. (insert smiley face)

THATS NOT THE BEST PART! When I got home, my aunty was there (the one who I went out for pizza the other day) and she told me that her and my mum had just bidded and won a pair of black, shiney, used, size 5 doc martens! The excitment inside of me just imploded on itself, I was soo extatic, I gave her a huggle even though I am infected haha, so in honor of the new members of the family here are a couple of lovely pictures of some docccy's!

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