Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Pressure and photoshop!

Hey, today's just a quick little line up as I'm under alot of pressure to get all my Gcse drama completed and ready for next week, also having to film my history tomorrow, which will ALSO count towards a little revision guide for my Gcse next year (pressure pressure!) And on thrusday and friday I have my English exam which counts for about 10% of my final grade, and is two hours long, AHH the agony to get homework done for my teachers standards aswell! Ooooohhh when is my lovely holiday coming!!!

I found this song on youtube called photoshop handsome today on youtube by everything everything and I think it's clever the way they worded their lyrics. The video is a bit bizarre but I love it, so check it out and leave a couple of comments about it.


Sunday Girl also made a remix:

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  1. beautiful blog. very inspiring :)





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