Thursday, 2 December 2010

Cough medicine and short bangs

I think I'll save the bitty gritty details for later, no need to bore you as I am kind of tired working out how to use this thing, but so far so good, atleast I have the background is all I can say!  I was nicely introduced to my warm bed by mother spilling cough medicine all over my lap whilst trying to spoon feed it to me, that was a nice shocking surprise to me but luckily I cleaned myself down.

I dryed my fringe and shaped it, as it has been freshly cut and kind of splits down the middle where I used to have a middle parting, but like I said I'll try and save all the bity details and bore you to tears later. I've been inspired by some other peoples blogs to try and create my own, I don't think I'll get millions of followers but it's always nice to have one or two beside you whilst you are racking your brain to find an interesting subject to write about. 

Exciting, exciting also! I've been counting down the days for when I can finally get myself in the car and drive on down to the clothes show in Birmingham I think...How odd I don't even know, anyhow I have my money all packed, camera all charged and will hopefully be uploading you some lovely pictures of the models later on, that is if I can figure out how to load on new pictures, well I've come this far i guess, no use giving up at the beginning right?

I posted a Picture of myself with my first Camera, which was my mums, and just above a Photo of Twiggy In the 60's as I found her beginning photos absoolutely mind blowing!

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