Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The good old fahsioned Introduction

I thought for my post today I'd tell you a bit more about myself, and myself's life.  I've grown up and lived in cheltenham all my life, I'm a bit of a mixture race wise, (1/4 malaysian, 1/4 chinese, 1/2 english) although I love having multiple relations I do wish I was fully British or Irish, I alwayss envy Irish girls with that gorgeous pure winter white skin, a cute accent, and naturally thicker curly hair. Cheltenham is where I want to stay for the rest of my life, however I do want to make plans to travel around France, maybe go to New Zealand see what the fuss is about from my sister *wink*. I love love love a good cup of Earl Grey tea with semi skimmed milk and two sugars in my special blue and white spotty mug, classic drink for all year round expecially when you have bourbon biscuits to dip inside!

I don't really have a particular style in clothes, I usually rummage around in charity shops, I do love going to the vintage shops around the area since we have a few dotted round Cheltenham and Winchcombe but I don't have a very statement style, it's usually thrashing everything together and to see what looks good! I sadly don't have a boyfriend currently (I miss the cuddles, especially since we've been having some toe dropping days!), I'm not a very romantic girl at heart though, but I know I'm going to find the perfect guy who will offer to give up his sundays in life to come to car boot sales with me, go to fesitvals and will do all the cooking whilst I relax infront of the fire and drink my tea. I love it in summer when I can go to the southam car booty, amazing  place to find old antique cameras for no money! (It was mainly my sister who got me into collecting them). But autumn will always be my favourite especially around october time, it's when the weather has still got the summer sun but a nice cool breeze, gently settling me into the harsh winter months ahead. 

I really hate people who look the same, sometimes when I go to town all I see is a group of girls all wearing the same skirt, shoes, t-shirt and jacket, it makes me so annoyed becasue we're born differently for a reason, why do you all want to look and act the same, however that's just my inner anger yelling at me (I don't have anger problems I swear!). I'm not very complex really, I used to be way more confident when I was younger, but as I've grown up and things have happened to make me a bit of a quiet self conscious person, however when I'm with my friends I'm really loud and giggly which is nice, I suppose I just can't wait to go to an art or design collage so I can meet people who have similar interests to me (strictly speaking I'm not very hot at art).

Umm umm umm what else? As you already know I adore 60's, sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era! But hoe-hum, I love alternative folk music at the moment, and a bit of indie but generally I just like any music that suits my taste, alot of people hate what I listen to though, which is a shame 'cause I think it's really good. I haven't read a new book in ages, however I did re-read this dark romance novel called Hush Hush writted by Becca Fitzpatrick, which is about a teenage girl who's life changes dramatically as her bio teacher changes the seating arrangement, but it's a really good book, very romantic, however I wouldn't advise reading the second one if you love the first because, I've done this with multiple amounts of books (however not with Hush Hush, if you do read it tell me id it's worth checking out)and it always really disappoints me considering they're never as good, but that again is just my opinion.

Ok, I think that's (more than) enough for today, sorry to bore you until your eyelids drop but I promise (kind of) that I won't post really lengthy, wordy blogs like this again. But I really needed to write a blog mor eon myself rather than things happening in my life, ateleast it's out of the way!

I also really worship this man here, he's bloody fantastic!

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  1. Mm, charity shops & car boots are the best, I don't see how other shops are still open haha, well in Cheltenham anyway majority of people shop in charity shops :]


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