Thursday, 16 December 2010

Tissue boxes and Breakfast at Tiffinie's

Hello again, I feel absolutely dreadful, I think I am coming down with maybe a flu or just a cold, but with luck like mine I had to have it straight after the cold I got rid of last week, which Is bull *sad sad*. When I went to town on, saturday I think, I discorvered a really lovely book in waterstones called 'Audrey 100' Which has 100 iconic pictures of Audrey Hepburn, as I was flicking through it I thought about how elegant she is and naturally beautiful. I've written the book on my christmas list, so hopefully (fingers crossed) I will un-wrap a large present to find it, if not I can always wait until my birthday!

And strangely enough today I was flicking through the channels on sky and came across the movie breakfast at tiffinies just ending, It was really nice to relax and watch it for 10minutes, Audrey was fantastic in it!  Anyway I was thinking about re-designing my blog to make it a bit more personal but I'm not sure, because my PC's running out of power.  Hope everyone is staying warm and safe and hope to be updating soon with a fresh style. Lots of Love to you all out there with the horrible virus spreading around!

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