Thursday, 30 December 2010

Ohh christmas chaos

Now that christmas is over every single shop in England is having its 'over 50% off ' sale on all winter merchandise! It is absolute chaos, it makes me dizzy sometimes, I do rather get annoyed by sales sometimes because if I find a gorgeous little jewel amoung the crap I begin to panic and worry if it's going to be there the next day or if I should by it that instant, so I end up buying it and then I never wear it after a couple of times and it rots at the bottom of my wardrobe, which is sad as no piece of clothing deserves to be treated like that.

I really need to get some of my artwork done, but it's the build up of actually doing it that I dislike, but if I don't get it done soon it'll start to niggle at me like a loose tooth, so I may aswell rip it out now and put it under my pillow for a satisfying result in the end, eh?

Also I just wanted to post a couple of pictures taken by a girl called Becks, she has a raw talent for photography and I love how straight forward her photos are, she has a little blog aswell and its really lovely so if you have time in your busy schedule of diving into piles of crap at the shops you should check it out.
-Beck's flickr


  1. Thanks for the lovely comment! I feel exactly the same way about sale shopping. That feeling of panic is all too familiar. I'll be sure to check out Beck's blog as well x

  2. I know I can't stand to face them!
    thank you for your comment I love your blog, don't worry I have it's so lovely.


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