Saturday, 4 December 2010

Old, cute, vintage tarten and leather

A lovely day out to Birmingham for a nice 6 1/2 hour shopping spree, with a spot of coco-cola and a hot dog. Afterwards sitting down and having a delightful chat with Aunty Gok about the new benefit make up and topshop brands, finally catching the bus to watch a spy,highschool, western, old romance, horror mystery, and science futuristic film. And whilst walking out of the seating room being kissed passionately on the forehead by a gorgeous male model, who surprisingly had no top on and may I say a delightful body!

I must say my little toe is dead and my shoulders have fallen off but spending my day at the clothes show was unbelievable, it was ridiculous how amazing the fashion show was.I salute you models who have to do that for another five days! Even though I only have a little digi camera I got some pretty good snaps of Gok, and the models.  There was this really cute tribute band who played before the show started called Sunday Girl, The woman singing had such a clear lush voice but the guitar player kind of creeped me out.  The theme of the show was movies as you can tell by some of the pictures and yes the picture just below is the gorgeous man who kissed me, teehee aren't I lucky?

I would've edited the pictures for you all but I'm sure having the originals is a bit nicer. The shopping was unbelivable, I ended up spending soo much from somewhere called vintage village, I felt I had just died and gone to heaven there, it was just....I can't even put it in words!
All in all it was safe so say I shopeed until I dropped -_-
I feel like a massive block of lead, it's horrible, but a nice feeling, be sleeping in my new pj's tonight!

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