Thursday, 30 December 2010

Naughty naughty

I don't usually post twice in one day but I've just been to town and have actually been rather naughty, as obviously when you have christmas money you instantly think *SHOPPING* (well I do anyway). I'm not the biggest fan of topshop but I do find some amazing things in there on the odd occasion.

A few months back I found the most wonderful pair of loafers I had ever layed my eyes on, and naturally they some how ended up on my foot being admired infront of the full length mirrors in the shoe section of the shop, but the one thing that put me off the wonderful little gems was the outrageous price of £55, which I would never have in my wallet on a casual shopping day, so I said my goodbyes and parted with them, tinged with sadness.

Ofcourse I went out today to town because I simply haven't been in ages (3 days)! Thought I would browse in topshop just briefly as there was a '50% off ' sign in the windows, I went upstairs and there gloriously infront of me was a black pair of kama penny loafers shining in the dim artificial light, the £25 tag slapped on them. I litrally gasped which was kind of sad and sprinted over to see them, beckoned an assistant to kindly get the other shoe for me. They fit like a dream, they looked like a dream, I was in a dream (a happy dream don't worry this story ends nicely!), and like that I was handing over some crisp notes to the till lady absolutely enthralled with my purchase.
Black KAMA Penny Loafers 

Now I'm one of those people who hates others having the same clothing as them, I have to be individual it's like a curse hanging above me, but I don't care because I have my loafers and I love them and I'm sure they love me and will be looking forward to being worn around in the spring, summer, autumn and winter! Be safe with your christmas money and don't go insane like I did.

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