Saturday, 31 December 2011


Happy New year's eve everyone, I hope it is prosporous and full of interesting events! I've been watching alot of anime's that include new's events in them, and they all seem to write out one dream on a piece of paper and let it go in the wind or buy a fortune from a shrine, even light candles in rememberence.  So since I have a little bit of a Chinese background I thought I'd do the same. And remember the good and the bad things from this year. And be all deep and shit! But this year has been a pretty boring one to be honest, however I know that with something boring comes something exciting! So all that preperation will hopefully pay off next year!  Thank you my little crowd I do appreciate you stickin' with it! And I'm not promising anything for the year coming up really. All I will say is, I'll post more I guess, nothing special, but hey! I'm no good with outfit posts and photography and all that shit, so I guess my blog will just remain a diary really, but who said that was boring.....?

Anyway lets all celebrate with some alcohol and fieworks like every year! It'll be good!

I'll try and think of some stickable new year's resolutions, and you can comment me yours, hey we've gotta have something to aspire to!

Oh and Happy Birthday to my sister!


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