Thursday, 1 December 2011

Hong Kong

Re-discovering my love for Marie Antoinette I am beginning to fall deeply in love with Siouxsie and the banshees, such up-beat and alternative music burns a memory in my brain, as if it's triggered a mermory or perhaps just hearing again on Marie Antoinette reminds me of only the joyus occasion on which the song is played. Either way it makes me extremely light hearted and carefree feeling.  However their song Hong Kong Garden does make me feel as if I'm beingtaken aback to the late 70's era were youth would cram into smokey and thriving clubs on a Saturday night, dancing away, consuming alcohol and lighting fags left right and centre seems almost nostalgic for me. Even though I have never endured such thrilling nights, it seems to urge on distant memories, opening up to myself that perhaps there is such as reicarnation. However sure of this concept why 1978? Surely my past self would still be alive by now, reflecting upon their past nonchalantly, remembering the very tune by Siouxsie and reminding how now in present time they could never survive on consuming so many drugs in one night.  It may be just my head filling up with crap, but I have a feeling that this song is ringing bells within my brain. Perhaps I'm going insane, but it's endearing me, no, morely entertaining me that I am a far more interesting person than now. Not saying I'm amazingly breath taking, as my life has definately not been fufilled quite yet, but I do consider myself someone worth getting to know. Howevre this alter ego of mine seems awfully inspiring and I hope she did have a good time back in 1970somethingorother in that steamy club with her friends as I surely am confused on this whole subject!


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