Saturday, 17 December 2011

The time has come...

(Week 'til) Merry Crimbo!

Having a wonderful pre christmas day! Puttin' up the tree, wrapping presents and making cakes for work tomorrow! These are my christmas card designs for my friends! I know kinda cruuuude! They are not original ideas I was inspired! So don't get mad whoever came up with them first! I'm not taking cred for the ideas, just the drawings!

Since I woke up with a very very very baaad throat I've been drinking honey and warm milk all day, which surprisingly tastes like golden nugget cereal! Don't believe me? Mix a teaspoon of pure honey with a cup of warm milk and have a try, it is delicious though!

Ohwell, better go and start a wrappin' some presents! talk soon, and who else is a little bit jittery for crimbo?! I know I am!


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