Thursday, 8 December 2011


I'm in a really creative mood lately and seeing image over the net and what have you I feel in the dire need to start myself a wee project (not litrally). But something small and entertaining for the holidays aside from work and coursework. After looking around at something to make, suddenly I got the idea to make myself a bag, perhaps out of fabrics I already own with some essential components added on, to give it a flare such as tassels and big beads. Something bigg than handbag size that I can carry around for when I know I'm doing heavy shopping or carrying alot of things that day, and I already have a bag that I can use so hopefully (fingers crossed) I can do that! I know I can't suddenly whip on up, but I certainly have enough to get chuggin' along! And it'll be so exciting getting everything gathered together. What do you think? Anything in particular you think I could add on to make it amazing?


I have alot of love for this song, I don't knwo why...


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