Sunday, 11 December 2011

Working in the Christmas spirit


As the cool breeze settles in, it takes me back to last years christmas. I felt exactly the same. And even though a year may seem a long while ago for some, for me, it feels like only a month or so ago that I felt this way. Yes time does fly, and I think that when I'm older, not with wrinkles, but with a few dead pigmented hairs that I will look back on my life, and every year at this exact time will think the same things that I've always thought. How am I going to buy everyone's presents in time and how the fuck do I assemble this tree!

Spending my December working in Olive has been a blast, I've become comfortable with my surroundings and I have learnt how to work a till! Even though it is my first shop job and I only started a couple of weeks ago, I feel as though I have been there for years! All the people working there are more than friendly, and everyone who comes into the shop has the same twinkle in their eyes, ready to buy something for their daughters, aunts, mothers, grand children. I think Christmas is the best time to be in this shop and I always feel blue the day after it, knowing that feeling will vanish, but then again I always know it'll come back to me next year and I can become light hearted and carefree once more!

Whilst working in Olive we always have ponders on how to make the shop more unique and intersting, this involves changing the shop display,or hanging Mr. Natty on the Christmas tree. Now as I am most certainly not model material (I have the wrong body shape...) then my enthusiasm goes off in different directions! This time it went off into boots to buy diposable cameras. Now the beautiful thing about disposable cameras is the results are exciting and you never know what to expect! I for one love to spontinuity of it all. And obviously so did the others. So one evening when the shop was closed we ran around snapping at everything and creating photos that were messy and imperfect! Although messy, were also very beautiful and I could've never asked for any better results!

So come on down to Olive, Cheltenham. It is a beautiful shop and I garentee you'll find something marvelous that'll tingle your taste buds!


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