Sunday, 25 December 2011

Hamburger socks

Hey y'all, just thought I'd update you on the goodies I recieved this year, and yes there were quite a many! I loved this year, I wasn't overly spoilt and I was able to afford buying some yummy things for my family which was a nice thing for a change!  Anyway Lemme show you some of my crimbo yummies:

Soap and Glory scrub, cream, and exfoliator

Chocolate selection, jelly beans, lindtt bear (Yay!), herbal tea set

The lateral thinking game pack, I mean it's harder than it looks, here I'll give you a taster:
Q: There is a flash of light. A man dies.

(For answer you have to scroll to the end of this post, but read it first and try and figure it out for yourself, this was the only one I got right!)

'The Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton, by Noel Fielding'
Ugh, genius, he is a genius! It's mad, but boy is it brilliant!

'Christmas with NAT KING COLE' vinyl and 'David Bowie' Vinyl
from my sister, darn she's a babe!

Funky Hamburger socks from my sister

Fingertache transfers, from the sibling lady! (Sister)

Movie studio HD, I've needed some good movie editing software for a while, and so I asked for this, I hope it's good, looking complicated on the mannual but good!

The Monster Book of More Manga, I'm always needing new things to draw and so... Ta da!

Twin hardback magazine, from my sister.
It's about A3 size, hardback and beautiful. It's all about fashion and photography and what not, and my sister knows how much of a mag-finatic I am so perfect!

Polaroid 1000, from my sister. What can I say, just beautiful!

Miss Dior Cherie, L'eau (100ml). Has been my scent for over a year now. Might become my 'teenager scent' I love it so much.

5 packs of polaroid 300 film. Well 6, but I used up one today taking little snaps of everyone! I was so estatic when I un-wrapped all of them two at a time.

'The disappearence of Haruhi Suzamiya', 'Eden of the East, Paradise Lost', and 'Death Note' The movie. Ogh I absolutely love anime, and the next best thing to it? Anime adaption. I'm going to be enjoying these very much so!

I also got some money from my God mother and relatives. Which is good because I've been eyeing up this coat at work, so that's MINE! And now I have MORE vinyl, I'm gonna need to save upp for a record player.  The rest I'm jsut saving up for 'experiences' and future things. Here are some sexy snaps of the Naen's at christmas, yeehee.

Aahh, yeah. Twas eventful! I enjoyed it all. And Mama and I had a loooovely walk too. Which is good. Because everyone needs some exercise to get rid of excess shizzz. But I am so full! STILL, and I've had no supper. So congrats dad. You did it! I'm finally full!
So how were your christmas'? Did you get what you want? Also, did you get the answer right?? Lost of Love baiye!

A: The man is struck by lightning


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