Sunday, 27 November 2011



How is everyone doin' this fine evening, I haven't updated in a while. On the brink of loosin' it, Drama research and studying is not fun, nor joyful or exasperatin'! Makes me wanna chunder sometimes. (naah it doesn't!) I would rather go to work to be honest! Prefer it much more than sittin' in a freezin' house all day, drinking cupious amounts of tea and trying to rack out every word I know down onto some paper! Even my English took a couple of hours, I mean seriously, people tell me. Does it get better than this?? Or will I have to edure this suffering for another five years or so?! I is gettin' tired of the people, the smell and atmosphere of this place, need to move somewhere else, dot about on the breeze of life!  Prehaps go to Bath or some other City for a couple of years. Either that or I really just need something/someone new to enter my life. If any'a you wanna meet me please raise a hand! Gettin' tired of having to laugh at the same old jokes from the same old people sometimes. Also I'm in a squeeze right now, money and work wise! Buying Christmas presents is fun but I have to wait until next week to get paid, and there are so many other things to buy! I know it's not Christmas until forever . But I like gettin' things in early so I don't have to worry about them later! Plus, I have money and ideas now so why wait? I love givin' gifts 'cause it gives me good excuses to go out shoppin'. Plus excited about buying film cameras. But again, need to wait until I get paid! I haven't received a comment in a while so do take the time to write a little story for me, I do like havin' things to read y'noooo! Ok, cool! I shall leave you now. Go back to doin' whatever it was you were doin' and I'll talk laterrr! I need to stop using my blog as a complaint place where I natter like an old crackerr!


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