Saturday, 1 June 2013


I had an amazing post day today. I ordered quite a few things and thangs over the past week, and woopers, they are all finally here baby!

Since I've been taking up knitting I decided to have a little project on the run, aside from all of the other ideas I have planned which I still need to do. Anyway, I got a little bored with knitting in only one colour, so I searched intensely for something groovier and I stumbled across these beautiful hand spun recycled sari yarns. They are made from 100% sari silk, and is all recycled as they use the materials which would usually be destroyed or thrown away, so not only are they funky-as-fuck but they make you feel good when you're knitting too.

Then I wasn't really planning on showing yo ma new booky-wooks, but they are just so unbelievably mouth salivating that I had to share. Yes, I ordered two delicious BOWIE books, what's cool is they both have the Aladdin Sane set of photographs on the cover, which I think just makes them all the more insaane. I absolutely love my David Bowie Style as it's written real nicely and the David Bowie IS book, is... well, it's orange. Which I think is just too groove to move...

Then on an unrelated note, I also bought the new apartamento from work the other day, so I have a lot to catch up on. Seriously, I'm'a show you all one day the reading list I am aiming to plough through this summer, (Mags & Books). It is literally intense... I'm goin' be a busy lady this upcoming week. 

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