Monday, 3 June 2013

Skipped An Era

(yeah, down here on Panda we like our photos blurry...)

I totes felt waay 70s yesterday in all of my vintage gear for work. It was one of those outfits which just makes you feel all groovy and cool and when I looked in the mirror I felt like giving myself a pat on the back for the glorious-ness that was my reflection... I know, vain right? Anyway, I got this totes (last time I say that...) rad paisley shirt from a vintage fair I went to last week. This incredible beaded waistcoat also from a vintage fair last year, and surprisingly proved to be effective on the ladies as someone commented on how tasty it was, (ok she didn't say tasty but I knew she was thinking it!), and my little bow tie was just a homemade project I made sometime in the past.

Since the sun is out and I don't have work today I am going to sit in the conservatory and read my apartamento's and get crackin' into my Bowie books, I don't know which one to start first... Oh the choices!

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Thank you for your banter! I look forward to reading it!

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