Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Indian Yarn Man

Ugh, mama ain't feelin' too cool. I don't know if it's hormones or just life but I is feelin' a little sad, maybe it's the overcast weather outside... Who knows. I've been obsessively listening to Life on Mars? today, about seven times so far, just because it makes me happy and I absolutely love the video, it's so simple but so rad.

Anyway now I'm back at school for a month we've been set slightly more chilled work in classes. I am especially excited about Textiles right now, as if you hadn't already guessed I love knitting but we'll get to that in a second. So yesterday we were set a challenge to pick an item of clothing which our teacher had found and provided for us and transform it into something different, just a wee 'up-cycle' to do for a couple of weeks. At first I had no idea what I wanted to do, however after talking to a friend I suddenly had an insaane brainstorm and decided to make my own yarns via using the fabric of the product I chose and knitting with it! I know, cool right? Well convenient for me as I have no confidence when it comes to tailoring or making clothes, the only useful skill I have is taking up hems 'cause of my short legs.

Woah, tangent! So whilst I was rummaging in the pile I found an interesting skirt which was Jigsaw and made of 100% silk (I know, dayum!). I did feel slightly bad because it was really beautiful feeling and also an expensive brand, however with determination and courage I have been slicing and shredding it to pieces merrily since yesterday.

I first stripped up the lining and although bright I am lovin' this fushia pink.

This was the main skirt fabric which I have been shredding pretty much most of the evening and tying it together to make one long piece of ribbon. 

And the final product after I bound them together with the machine. I honestly love the very raw state of the yarns, the uneven look and all of the little tabs of fabric which happen to burst out sporadically, and the gorgeous vibrant colours which remind me so much of India. It's going to be so fun knitting with this, although I'll have to keep the tension quite loose as it's not very elastic.
I'm thinking of making a purse with it as I got a free clasp when I bought the magazine crafty a couple of months ago. Obviously I'ma put some bells and tassels on the bottom... I know, I get a little obsessive.

Thanks as well, doing this post cheered me up a little.

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