Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I Maketh

I have finally finished yet another knitting project, I surprisingly absolutely loved making it. I say 'surprisingly' as I thought I would get bored before I was even able to finish, it's happened before yo see! However, low and behold (if that's how the phrase goes) she is finis and tres tres magnifique! I did not drop, nor add any stitches and there are also no holes, wew. It was such a glorious project as I have never made a full length scarf like this before and although it took me roughly two weeks...(?) to make her it was just a such relaxing process. I knitted at night, during films, whilst eating lunch and even when I went to the park to see my friends. I first thought it would be too difficult to knit and be around me chums as I presumed I was being antisocial, however (rather than being constantly on my phone) it was super chilled and didn't distract me too much from talking to everyone. I have even started to knit without looking! I mean how much more skill could yo home girrrl have?

So, um, tadaa! this is her in as much glory as I could try and capture. I attempted photographing her in my room, but there is literally no clear spot for you to see her without distractions in the background... I know, I should clear some space, but I just can't (I'm a hoarder ya seeee... Sad but true).

To spruce up the look I made some tassels for the bottom out of the same yarns, and I even found these gorgeous brass bells which I bought oh so many years ago and seemed to have forgotten all about. I  think they are the groove and create a sort of Tibetan aura around the whole piece. I decided I only wanted tassels on the one end just for an uneven and unique look, as I think we are all too equal now'a days haha, I'm sorry if that sounds ridiculous to you.

ain't the texture delicious...

So, yet again another project ticked off the list. I think I'm just making all of these small pieces because I have such daunting ones coming up. Still I must not try and delay them anymore, they must be made! Otherwise I shall be angry with myself... I honestly get way too serious about my freetime projects. 

Also, I draweth a vein heart. Me no know! 

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