Saturday, 29 June 2013

Arm Candyz

'Sup ma single cells! Bro fist for summer, a week left until holidays. I am happy, sad and scared, I know it's a lot of feeling, but that is what is so beautiful about us humans, we get to feel everything at once and not explode.

Life has been slow moving at the moment.  I bought a groovy patch from Ebay a week or so ago to show my love for Bowie even more without going that extra cheesy mile of a T-shirt or a huge cardboard cut out (although that would be kind of cool...). This was a vintage circa-70s sewn on patch which I got for next-to-nothing and at first I had no idea what to sew it on, they I had a brain wave of brilliant...ness (if that's a word) and found my Wax Jacket to be the perfect patron to display and model it on. I now feel like a Mod even though It's not a parka I'm wearing, it's a wax. Still, the vibe is there, and it's nice as it gives my jacket a little edge. Also the patch itself is a little more understatement than some of the other gaudy Bowie memorabilia which is out in the world, so even though I am making a statement I'm not doing it by flailing my limbs around wearing a bodysuit or a red mullet. I really do love the look of patches, however they also need to be handled in the right balance like tattoos, either have one on it's own or a whole bunch together, because sometimes having them sporadically spread around looks, well, ridiculous.

(Mmm, him in his 'Thin White Duke' regalia)

Oh, and my nails are looking snazzy with alternative polish in Sothern Lights and Indian Ocean. 

I've also been listening to Moby recently, which is a bit old school but he is great. I only have his album Play and only really like four songs on it at the moment, but even so he is lush! I think I also find his weedy appearance a big attraction as well.

I am lovin' how dated this video is lookin' even though it's only fourteen years old.

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