Tuesday, 28 May 2013

With the Spiders from Mars

Sad times. I'm back from my Bowie adventure down at London. It was an absolutely overwhelming experience seeing and listening all that was David, from where it began to how is now, and this whole ordeal has made me respect and appreciate him even more. The most surreal thing was seeing the costumes and then realizing that he actually wore them. No no, these were no dupes in front of my peepers, but the real fandango... I know, brilliant!

Unfortunately, since the prints which I adored were hundreds of pounds (I know, my jaw dropped as well) I decided to get some smaller tokens of my experience, to help me remember seeing the greatness that was he.

I bought this wonderful enamel representation of Bowie's Pierrot clown costume which he wore in his music video 'Ashes to Ashes' and I thought it was such an iconic image of his that it was the perfect memento really. 

I also bought the classic Exhibition Postcards to kind of satisfy my dismay at the outrageous prices of the prints which my heart really went out to. In the end I actually found the selection was pretty sweet and actually features some of my favourite images which I have previously collected over the past 24 hours, I know, I am a real dedicated fan... 

I thought I'd just show you some of my favourites in the pack, 'cause that's always going to happen. So from left to right (top to bottom) 1. Is a still from his 'Life on Mars' video 2. The Archer from his 'staion to station' tour 3. The forever iconic Aladdin Sane 4. Is a manipulated film still from the movie The Man who Fell to Earth 5. A publicity shot for his (then) upcoming album Diamond Dogs and 6. Are the lyrics to the song Ziggy Stardust. I is excited to get these honeys up on the wall - although I have no idea where.  

One of my favourite sections of the exhibition was definitely this mime The Mask which was made as part of the Love You till Tuesday promotional film in 1969. I think I just found it amazing seeing him in a different light, and completely juxtaposing the glam-rock image which he adopts in future years. Instead he appeared a haunting image, making the piece even more intriguing. I think I just find it lush that he is a multi-talented man, and for that I respect him. David Bowie, you are a Hero:

Oh and I also bought an amazing book off of Amazon inspired by the exhibition I saw, but it obviously hasn't  arrived yet...

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