Sunday, 16 June 2013


I am honestly loving COS right now, I know it wouldn't seem the type of clothing company I would be into however I have such lust over their clean cut lines and extremely simple clothing. So modern and so chic! Of course their prices are slightly higher than (only slightly), lets say, some high-street shops. However, considering the quality and staple look of each item, I would say the prices are well worth it for a timeless piece. I am hoping to soon own my very first COS item, however we'll see how it goes because I may not be getting one for a little while yet! Still, doesn't mean I can't flood you all with some images of their beautiful threads:

                Roll neck wool top £45                 3/4 sleeve knit dress £69

          Cotton and silk tunic £69         Metallic yarn  cardigan £59

                    Cotton and linen dress £69                 Metallic yarn jumper £55

                    Double layer cardigan £39             3/4 sleeved cardigan £20

All images from the COS website:

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