Saturday, 4 May 2013

There's a Shroom in me Soup

Life is difficult as a student sometimes... Especially deadline time, at the moment, even though it's tricky to get everything done in time I'm actually enjoying my days as I have an 'excuse' to make and draw all of these unusual things which I feel like I wouldn't have been able to create without the aid of school.
I've been making a lot of mushrooms in jars recently for my art and I am just lovin' it. This here is my favourite one, his name is George... I'm not sure why, but the name stuck so George it is. He's a gorgeous pea/olive green velvet with machine embroidery and has lots of wool shrubbery around him to keep him cosy. I actually cannot tell you how much I adore him, and in the summer I have big shroomy plans... heheh, oh you'll see.

After I made him I put him in a little jar to keep him safe, oh my how tiny and adorable he is! I just cannot take my eyes off of his little green cap and woolly feet. He has just made my day all the more better. It's going to be so sad when we have to depart for a few weeks when I hand my art in. 

I've also been buying flowers recently, and I know what you're all thinking 'but Claudia I thought you always dried your flowers out...', well yes I am in the process of doing that, but for now I thought the colours look really lovely in my room and it's nice having life with me.


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