Sunday, 19 May 2013

I Knitted A Country

So I've been knitting like a crazy old lady for the whole weekend. It's been amazing, and I've gotten so much better from my first little project to my lastest project. The first piece I made is actually very raw and rough looking, some how I kept increasing in stitches with this and I have no idea how. 

I knitted together this little head/neck scarf which was a spur of the moment idea whilst I was watching Made In Chelsea (I have no regrets telling you that...) and I hadn't knitted in ages, and I really did it to kind of have something to do instead of school work and as a little break thing. This took me ages to knit because I was so bad when I first started doing it, and the result wasn't amazing, however it was the first piece I've ever completed and I think it was right for me to make something small like a head scarf than before when I first started knitting two years ago where I was like 'Yeah 30ft scarf, amazing idea!'.

'Ent she cute? I decided to make some tassels and sew some bells on it to make it even more amazing. It reminds of Moroccon lanterns or Indian pillows, just lots of jiggly-tassly things, and yo should know I luff my tassels... 

The next thing I decided to make (and I think this was a genius idea), was a knitted scrunchie... I'll let that sink in for a bit...
I know! Ah-ma-zu-hing idea, the only sad thing is you can tell she's home made when you really look at her, mainly because I sewed her together when it was dark in my room, I have no clue why I did that, and also because i don't have any emerald green thread, so I'm going to have to get some of that for the near future. But for my second knitting task I think she went beautifully, I didn't drop or add any stitches and in the end she ended up lookin' real sweet on the hair band. So yay, another to add to the collection!

Since my hair is so thin I'm going to make a smaller one now, as it'll be easier for finer hair styles rather than giant ponytails which I do mostly with my scrunchies. However this one is just a gorgeous little thing. I love knitting.

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