Monday, 13 May 2013

It's Been Time

These are things I did three/two months ago as nothing else fun has happened since then.

These are my new friends George and ma bad boy Phillip.

Hannah with her chick


I now love goats.

In March I went to a Farm Park for my Friends' birthday. I Oficially want to have goats and rabbits in my house...

(He's single ladies (or gents))

Hannah Found her twin

And she busted out some rad moves 

Favourite photo of the month

Yeah, there was a party at a friends' house, so I went to that. It was quite funny and emotional at the same time. Still these are some of the funniest photos I own...

We discovered Kerry has a special talent...

Then my friend had a dinner party and cooked us some absolutely amazing food. I was very full from that fandango and seeing this picture makes me crave chicken...

So that happened. Now I'm just sitting, like I have been doing for the past month. It's almost over though...

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  1. Hey Claudia, those photos are so funny from Tommy's (if that was at Tommy's?)
    Anyyyyway, I started up a new blawwgg, I'd love it if you had a look!
    La Luna Blog
    Elle x


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