Sunday, 28 April 2013

It's 'Art'

Since my deadline for Art and Textiles is coming to a very steady end, my room is starting to look a little hectic and in general very messy, and for a neat person such as myself it's getting me all jittery. However since it's almost like creative chaos I do kind of like it, I'm not even going to show you my Textile space, it's literally just horrific...

Yeah, so my bureau hasn't been closed for months now since I can never be bothered/have enough space to be able to close it.

Even the top is just littered with little oddities which I have been making and collecting for art.

I even went so far as to finally now having a 'washing line' in my room, I think it's lookin' well cool there, and although you cannot see it my door is dripping in ink and covered in paint from where I've been using it as a kind of easel. I think it works just as well.

And that's Marceline, say hi, she's a little remorse at the moment...

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